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Top 5 Best Memory Foam Mattress to Ensure Comfortable Sleep

Memory foam mattress plays a key role in ensuring a comfortable sleep. The best memory foam mattress can guarantee that you can meet the challenges of every day and unwind when the day ends. You spend many hours on your mattress.

Your memory foam mattress is a comfort zone, and it should be of a fine and durable quality to meet your specific needs. That is the reason why memory foam mattresses are the most technologically improved and proven the design of mattress to relieve pressure on your hips and back at night is the memory foam mattress.

Additionally, your memory foam mattress is the best place where you’ve your greatest dreams and the place you often crawl into after any awful defeats.

Memory Foam Mattress

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A memory foam is a pressure – and temperature -sensitive visco-elastic material which conforms to the shape of your body when you lie on the bed. There are a broad variety of memory foam mattresses all of which that assist in lowering heat retention, enhance airflow and control body temperature.

Keep in in mind that sleeping is one of the primary functions of your body that is important for your health. It is also important for performing several decisive functions in your body. Adequate sleep is desirable to each human being. All these can be achieved through a memory foam mattress.

The best memory foam mattress will offer you enough rest at night thus increasing your productivity, energy, and the overall health during the day, allowing you to live every day to the fullest.

Just consider that you spend over six hours a day, therefore more than 42 hours in a week, and nearly a third of the years of your entire life in its care. Therefore, you should spend a little more time finding just the best memory foam mattress.

In this article, you’ll find top 5 memory foam mattress reviews, learn basic knowledge about memory foam mattress, which types are worth considering, what features to look for and the benefits of the best memory foam mattress.

Top 5 Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Our In-depth reviews will guide you to make a right decision to buy the best memory foam mattress for your home today.

Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Signature Sleep Memoir 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent mattress. Featuring four pounds of memory foam, it has the perfect balance of comfort and firmness to give you a great nights sleep.

This mattress is a good blend which will ensure that you do not wake up feeling sore due to it giving you the right amount of support, especially for your back. The mattress is available in all standard sizes: twin, full, queen, and king.

After receiving, you should allow up to 48 hours for the mattress to fully air out which is pretty standard for memory foam mattresses as they come extremely compacted in a box for shipping purposes.

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Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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The standard is twelve-inch high foam but it is also available in six inches high and eight-inch high foam if that is you prefer to not be so high up. This mattress is great in that it supports your body evenly ensuring that it will relieve any pressure that you may have in your hips, feet, and shoulders.

This budget friendly mattress is a great choice for adults and children alike. The outside of the mattress is covered in an extremely soft knit fabric. If you have an old mattress or are just looking for an upgrade in comfort to help you get a better nights sleep then this mattress is a fantastic option for you.

This budget friendly mattress is a great choice for adults and children alike. The outside of the mattress is covered in an extremely soft knit fabric. If you have an old mattress or are just looking for an upgrade in comfort to help you get a better nights sleep then this mattress is a fantastic option for you.

Having the mattress packaged into a box, compressed, and vacuumed sealed helps keep the cost of shipping down which is great and reflects in the overall price of the mattress.

Sleep is important, and if you have a difficult time sleeping your mattress can be a major factor in why you are spending nights tossing and turning instead of getting the sleep you want and need.

Sleep in important, and if you have a difficult time sleeping your mattress can be a major factor in why you are spending nights tossing and turning instead of getting the sleep you want and need.

The Memoir Mattress is built to last and will provide many years of comfort. The foam that is used inside of this mattress is low in VOC emissions which will ensure that there are no emissions in the air and it passes the Consumer Safety Product Commission.

The mattress features two different types of foam. The first is a four-inch thick layer of responsive memory foam to balance motion transfer and the other eight-inch layer delivers a nice edge that will support sleep.

As another safety precaution, the mattress even has a layer of fire retardant which is something you will hopefully never need to worry about but it is a nice peace of mind. The Signature Sleep Memoir 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress has all of the bells and whistles that you will every want or need to start getting the sleep you deserve today.

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Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro 12 Review

The Perfect Cloud Elegance has a construction where all elements are carefully designed to deliver a highly luxuriant and high-quality rest possible, using only the greatest materials available to make sure the experience lives up to the name.

The dedicated layers are developed to work together so whether it is temperature control, support, or comfort, every aspect can be entirely served without one compromising the other.

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Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro 12

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It should be little surprising that the attention to the detail found here results in a sleep environment which can only be compared to its weightlessness when trying to deliver the sensation found with this mattress. It’s manufactured is the United States and covered with a 25-year warranty.

And you’ll be more than happy to understand that the manufacturer honors its warranty. This is one of the features that has made this memory foam mattress a great success in the international market.

Unfortunately, the climate control technology in this mattress can make it get colder or hotter than some users are used to experiencing. Also, the firmness of the memory foam mattress and its lack of sag need some adjustment as users break in’ their new mattresses.

But the extended warranty is the greatest proof of the exceptional quality which went into its construction. And above all, you don’t need to break into your bank account in order to purchase one since it’s quite affordable.

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DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Review

This memory foam mattress is also available in Full XL, Queen, Full, Standard King, an RV Short King, Twin XL, and a short Queen.

The Cool Breeze 12-Inch GEL Memory Foam is particularly designed to offer a cooler night’s sleep than the standard memory foams, and would be the best choice for those who find many mattresses to sleep a little hot.

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DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch

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It features 4 separate layers, starting with a 5-inch base layer on top of which Dynasty added two separate ventilation airflow layers, each 2 inches thick. Then on top of ventilation layers is a 3-inch layer of the HD Gel memory foam.

However, this memory foam mattress is a bit firm when new. But this should not be much of a problem since the mattress needs to be soft enough after many nights of use.

Even though it’s a minor issue, some consumers reported that their mattresses produce some amount of chemical odor, often the result of having been compacted during packing and shipping.

If you still have some doubts about the Dynasty Cool Breeze after reading the various reviews on Amazon – with a ratio of nearly 24 and 5-star reviews to each one or two-star reviews – you can purchase with confidence since the manufacturer offers a 120-day trial and a remarkable 20-year warranty. The Dynasty Mattress offers excellent services.

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Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Review

This substantial mattress features a 2.5-inch ample layer of a special memory foam over a 9.5-inch base of the responsive memory foam. The memory foam is intended to cushion your body for the best in comfortable sleeping, evenly distributing your body weight and relieving your pressure points for a restful and supported sleeping environment.

The special memory foam layer is particularly designed with next generation open-cell technology for the best air circulation to keep a comfortable body temperature evenly. The mattress cover is circular-knit designed to be soft and plush, adding adequate air flow, comfort, and support to an ample mattress beneath.

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Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress

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The synergy between the special top layer and memory foam base offers you the excellent, comfortable environment to attain the best sleep of your life.

Sleep Innovations also prides itself on sufficiently testing all their products to ensure that their clients experience the best in therapeutic relaxation. Not only is the technology incredible, but the mattress comes at an excellent value when you consider the quality of its construction.

Remember, we all need to wake up rested and re-energized, and this mattress can actually assist you to achieve this. Enjoy the medium-soft to medium-firm texture, and feel fresher in the morning due to the special technology used in the design of this mattress.

On the other hand, the mattress isn’t fully-washable. Also, it doesn’t promote air circulation since it traps the heat of your body in the mattress. If you require the ultimate in support and comfort to sleep at night, then you should look no further than Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress.

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Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Tuft and Needle is a fairly new online company that has got something up their sleeve. If you are curious about what they offer, this Tuft & Needle memory foam mattress review should prove useful.

The Tuft and Needle Mattress is known as the Cadillac of mattresses featuring innovative foam technology that is like none other. The mattress uses a specially engineered foam known as T&N adaptive foam that is one of a kind an unmatched by any other company.

Paired with a supportive base layer under the T&N foam it creates the perfect base for the mattress. The mattress works extremely well for anyone regardless of size or weight. Almost like magic, the more weight that is put onto the mattress, the more the mattress counters it out to increase the support underneath you.

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Tuft & Needle Mattress

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The foam is designed to keep you cool which is great because there is nothing more miserable than sweating to death while trying to sleep. This works in three parts: First, heat is drawn into the mattress where there is a gel that and graphite combination that works to direct the heat away from your body.

Then, in combination with the fabric, air flows through the foam which boosts the speed that the heat is removed and transferred through the mattress. The final contributing factor is the base layer which works to hold you closer to the surface instead of drawing you in and making you feel like you are in an oven.

The Tuft and Needle Mattress is extremely versatile and is made to be compatible with a wide variety of mattress frames. You can use adjustable frames, slatted frames, box springs, or even the floor should you choose to do so. On top of that the customer service and policy for this mattress in matched by none.

They allow you to test out the mattress for 100 nights to make sure that you will be happy with your purchase. On top of that, the mattress comes with a massive ten-year warranty! This goes to show that the company truly believes that what they have created is great and that is has been built to go the distance.

Shipping time on this mattress varies but it typically is delivered in two to five business days. It does come packaged very nicely in a tight box so like with most other memory foam mattresses you will need to unwrap it and let it breathe for a couple of days to allow it to fully reach its intended form.

This mattress is definitely not considered a budget mattress but seeing that an average person sleeps for over two hundred thousand hours in their lifetime it may be worth to invest in a mattress that will allow you to truly enjoy those hours and get the highest possible comfort and quality of sleep possible.

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Best Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

To attain better sleep, new mattress designs and technologies are released each year. In the previous twenty years, we’ve witnessed several unique changes in the methods and type of materials used to manufacture mattresses.

Even though many memory foam mattresses are same in the sense that their uppermost layer is often made of memory foam, there are several other differences which you will need to consider in selecting the best memory foam mattress.

Without further ado, let us look at some of the factors to consider when making a decision which one to buy:


All memory foam mattresses have a firmness rating that (same to density rating) will assist you to make a good choice. It is measured in a unit known as indentation force deflection (IFD) that ranges from 8-16. Most of the mattresses vary between 12 and 16. The higher the number, the firmer the mattress.


The density of any mattress will typically differ from 1-5 pounds per cubic foot. Choosing a mattress closer to one implies that it’ll be soft and more comfortable whereas a mattress closer to five will be harder, but more supportive and retain its shape for longer.

Memory Foam Mattress


The thickness is often measured in inches and ranges between 5 and 12 inches in depth. This can have a crucial impact on support, comfort, and the durability. Many mattresses will be made up of numerous layers of foam with just the top layer being memory foam (often only 2 to 6 inches). Many people choose mattresses with a memory foam layer of four or five inches.


Most quality products on the market today have a warranty of at least 5 years (some provide 20+ years) that means the company will stand by their product. Always ensure the mattress you select comes with a warranty, and research manufacturer reviews to ascertain any complaints held against them.

Sleeping Temperature

One of the greatest complaints about the memory foam is that it retains the high amount of heat and can cause uncomfortably hot sleeping temps.

To avoid this, some manufacturers have either began using an open-cell structure in the polyurethane to boost breathability and have also infused gel beads into the material to manufacture gel memory foam mattresses for cooler sleeping (they contain capsules which change from a solid to a liquid that significantly changes temperature).

Memory Foam Mattress Problems and Solutions

This article also addresses various mattress problems and solutions to these problems so that you can have a happy and problem-free experience of the memory foam mattress.


Overheating is perhaps the most common problem concerning a memory foam mattress. When memory foam initially became a famous sleep surface, the problem of overheating was also brought to attention.

Manufacturers worked hard to come up with a solution to this problem, and improved microclimate technologies like CoolMax and Outlast provided cooling and temperature regulating mattress covers, ideal for solving the problem of overheating on the memory foam mattress. Also, you can purchase memory foam mattresses with the airflow systems that can assist with overheating.

Therefore, if you want to be fairly cool during the night and avoid overheating, then the standard poly-cotton cover may suit you. However, if you’re concerned that you’ll get extremely hot, selecting a memory foam mattress with the Outlast or CoolMax cover will reduce the heat at night.

CoolMax removes moisture and keeps you cool at the night. Outlast regulates temperature. It stores and releases any heat from your body when necessary, meaning you will never get too cold or too hot. Alternatively, go for a memory foam mattress that has a ventilated base, circulating the airflow and providing a cooler sleep.


Memory foam mattresses come with distinct firmness rating depending on the density of the foam and the composition of the mattress. In fact, manufacturers do their best to advise on the firmness but it’s subjective, and ultimately depends on the individual.

Several individuals select a mattress depending on a combination of comfort and cost, but if cost supersedes your purchasing choice, you could regret it later.
Not all memory foam mattresses will suit all consumers. If you’re of a heavier build, you may require a thicker, firmer mattress, and one of the simple memory foam mattresses won’t offer sufficient support.

Likewise, if you’ve fibromyalgia or arthritis, it will be good if you purchase a more supportive, deeper mattress. Purchasing a memory foam mattress without being completely informed can lead consumers to be unhappy with their product.

To solve this problem, always try the mattress before you purchase if the company provide that option. Lay on your preferred mattress for a few nights to make sure it feels right for you.

Remember that memory foam becomes soft as your body heat warms it up. Therefore it’ll feel different after you’ve been on it for twenty minutes. Do not worry about looking ridiculous by lying on mattresses in a showroom; this decision will affect the next seven plus years of your life.

If you cannot try before you purchase, call the supplier and seek any clarification you need. If you’re speaking to a reliable supplier, then they’ll answer your questions truthfully. Currently, several companies provide a trial period.

It is highly recommended that you sleep on your chosen mattress for as long as possible to find out if it fits you, but if for any reason you’re unhappy, you feel comfortable knowing you can exchange it within the specified trial period.


Just as you might purchase a leather sofa with its distinct smell, foam also has a natural smell which can be unfriendly to first-time buyers of memory foam mattress. Some individual believe it disappears within some hours; some say it lasts up to some weeks.

Either way, it quickly becomes so slight that it is unnoticeable. Some companies manufactured memory foam in one day, then convert into a mattress the next day, then packed ready for shipping immediately. Therefore, when you open the packaging the memory foam, it is still fresh.

Undeniably, you cannot avoid the first smell, but you can ensure it dissipates rapidly and doesn’t bother you excessively. When you open your mattress, ensure you do so in a highly ventilated room.

If you go for your memory foam mattress in the morning, then unpack it as quick as possible and leave it on your bed for the entire day. If you go for your mattress later in the day, then you may have to wait until the next day to open it. Also, if you have an extra room to spend the night, then leave it to air overnight.

Memory Foam Mattress

What Makes Memory Foam Mattress Good For Back Pain

A memory foam mattress can assist to relieve back pain, soreness, and body aches. The mattress does this by selectively displacing the pressure along the length of sleeper’s body.

Since pain points have a temperature which is greater than the rest of the body as part of pain coping mechanism of our bodies, the mattress can mold itself depending on the temperature at these crucial points in the body. This assists the body to recover more rapidly.

Did you know that sleeping the right way can assist to solve many spinal problems in the long term? Memory foam can assist you to attain the perfect sleeping posture by enhancing this proper alignment while you are lying down. You can even prevent any back problems in the future by simply using a memory foam mattress.

Final Verdict

A good night’s sleep is something that should not be compromised upon. Luckily, memory foam mattresses now represent some of the most improved technology on the market when you are looking for better night’s sleep. Developed using NASA inventions, memory foam is made to work with contours of your body to support your structure properly.

If you are tired of feeling back and neck pain in the morning from your firm bed, or if you cannot sleep because you are always feeling the movements of the individual next to you, then it is definitely time to invest in this incredible technology which could totally change the way you sleep at night.

Regardless of what memory foam mattress you select, you can rest assured that you will be having a good night’s sleep soon. Memory foam mattresses are not cheap, but they are timely worth the investment when you take into account the amount of time we spend in our beds.

Remember, sleep is one of the highly powerful indicators of good health and well-being. Give your entire life a remarkable boost by investing in this interesting memory foam technology to enhance your sleeping experience.

In this article, we have explored some of the top rated memory foam mattresses on the market, and these are the products which customers continuous praise for offering them with a better sleeping experience.

After reading this article, then you can rest assured that one of these memory foam mattresses will work for you. We hope this guide will assist you in making the right decision for your memory foam mattresses purchase.

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