Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Tuft and Needle is one of the handful of off-brand manufacturers looking to enter the mattress arena with great promises of unique comfort materials, universal comfort, and fair prices. There are six Tuft and Needle Mattress sizes available in the market: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King size.

Tuft and Needle Mattress

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Comfortable Features of Tuft and Needle Mattress


The mattress is designed to be super-affordable, and for this reason, the technology and design is basic. Therefore, don’t expect any complex cooling systems or one of those innovative systems found on more high-priced mattresses.

However, one area where I feel the mattress company have really outdone themselves is the kind of foam they use in the construction.

They could’ve gone for the latex foam and maximizing its features like little motion transfer, great support, and a bouncy feel. Or they could’ve gone for memory foam that tends to be better and softer for sleepers who want to sink in. Instead, they chose to innovate and develop a foam formulation of their own. They nickname it, Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam.

This is a proprietary kind of foam which is neither memory nor latex foam. It captures the best of both kinds of foam to develop a new one which is better and suits a broad range of sleepers. The foam is also great for temperature control, support and comfort when you are sleeping.

Since producing the first mattress, the firm has collected several customer feedback and made hundreds of modifications which continually boost their quality.

Motion Transfer

If you sleep two in similar bed, then you understand how annoying it’s to have a partner who usually keeps tossing around or wakes up a lot at night. The technical term for that form of disturbance you feel is motion transfer.

When one individual wakes up or even tosses around in a particularly bad dream in a low-motion-transfer bed, the other individual stays peacefully asleep. In a high motion transfer bed, they eventually wake up. Therefore, a mattress with low motion transfer is the huge plus for the couples.

The proprietary foam used by the Tuft and Needle is very good at localizing motion, making sure that forces do not travel from one side to another. Couples should not shy away from this one.

Tuft and Needle Mattress

Hot/Cold Issues

Personally, I believe heat transfer is another area where Tuft and Needle mattress outdo their competitors. In explaining the construction and the design of their mattress, Tuft and Needle describe how the top foam layer helps to keep cool and dry.

Once you get into your bed, the body immediately starts conducting heat to any kinds of stuff in contact with it including your mattress. The top foams act to take away this heat rapidly, then directing it towards the edges and even out of the mattress. This keeps you feeling cozy and cool.

The firm also designs the mattress with a unique form of fabric at the bottom known as a spacer cloth. This fabric assists to enhance the flow of fresh air within your mattress, joining the top foam layer in maintaining things cool.

The adaptive foam of the Tuft and Needle does an excellent job keeping the mattress cool, offering good pressure relief and support. Typically, the greatest aspects of both kinds of foams are covered in this mattress.

However, the design of Tuft and Needle only works best when this mattress is lifted up onto a bed frame or platform. Therefore, if you place your mattress on the floor, it’s essential to air it out regularly to let any trapped air flow and moisture out.

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A sinkage test assists in determining how much a mattress depresses underweight. This assists you to understand whether a particular mattress sinks excessively and might feel like a swamp when you sleep; whether it might feel like a rock and or sinks too little or whether it sinks to just the perfect level.

With the mattress, you can expect a sinkage level of 0.5 inches and 1 inch. The sinkage is highly pronounced at the edge although the support there is surprisingly good. The level of sinkage offers just the
correct amount of hug combined with the feeling of buoyancy.

Comparison With The Leesa Mattress

The Leesa is a 10-inch foam mattress has four inches of specialty foam up top and six inches of the dense support foam as the base compared to top 3-inches of Tuft and Needle mattress are made out of the proprietary formulation of the pressure-relieving foam and the 7-inches of a high-density, support foam that many foam mattresses have.

However, Leesa mattress uses American-made memory foam and a new kind of foam known as Avena to provide more pressure-relieving support than the Tuft and Needle mattress. Though it is at a greater price point.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Final Thought

As the Tuft and Needle keep advancing their mattress, it continues to gain more popularity. The firm has done a great job entering and competing in Casper’s niche of consumers looking for a simple and quality foam mattress at a considerable price.

If you’re new to purchasing mattresses online, you cannot go wrong by starting with the Tuft and Needle Mattress. It’ll be very exciting to see where they will go next!

Remember, if you are looking for a new mattress which has more of a personal touch to it, experts highly recommend checking out the mattress. Do not allow the name fool you; there’s nothing difficult and pointy about this mattress.

It’s known as the Tuft and Needle since each stitch in this amazing mattress is handmade and made with the all-natural material. Actually, it’s one of the few natural mattresses on the market today.

For those who’ve never laid on the all-natural mattress before, you’ll be amazed at the difference!

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