Top 7 Best Air Mattress for Camping Enthusiast

You definitely need the best air mattress for camping. It will set the tone for your morning mindset when you fall back to sleep after a solid campaign night. 

Finding the right one is challenging as many air mattresses are available in the market. But, I assure you that you can find the best one if you go through the below product reviews, as I have picked all the best and most popular air mattresses with in-depth research.

Best Air Mattress for Camping Enthusiast

Top 3 Picks

If you are in a hurry, you can grab any of the ones below from our quick pick. All these three mattresses offer something unique; check the details and select the one that matches your need.

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Top 7 Best Air Mattress Comparison Chart

Check out this comparison chart if you are still looking for the perfect air mattress for your campaign night.

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Top 7 Best Air Mattress Reviews 2020

 Let’s read all about our top 7 best air mattress reviews. It will certainly help to reach a buying decision.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Looking for a high-quality and comfortable air mattress? Basically, you need this one from SoundAsleep. Coming with ComfortCoil technology and built from eco-friendly PVC, it could already gain mounting popularity among camping enthusiasts. 

Features and Benefits

This air mattress is super comfortable as it’s built-in ComfortCoil Technology. That’s why this one is credited as the most advanced air mattress on the market. 

Besides this exclusive technology, the mattress comes with 15 gauge materials and a waterproof multi-layered flocked top, which makes the bed surface more comfortable and puncture-resistant. 

Plus, its premium double-height raised air bed besides dual chamber construction will reward you with extra luxury.

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Then the inflating and deflating is easy as the mattress owns a 1-click internal pump. The pump will allow you to inflate the mattress in less than 4 minutes. And, surprisingly, it will be inflated for a few days. 

As you find the 78” x 58” x 19” inflated dimensions, it will comfortably accommodate a couple. So, if you are going on a honeymoon trip, it will be fantastic.

And the mattress is easy to use and long-lasting as it’s made from high-quality Eco-Friendly PVC.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Safe to use
  • Portable 
  • Puncture-resistant


  • Differs firmness in different weather
  • Need to inflate after a couple of days of use

See Amazon User Review

Buying this air mattress would be a wise purchase when you are looking for a great air mattress for camping.

Active Era Premium Air Mattress

When you are looking for an ideal air mattress for camping, this air mattress from Active Era can be your other best option.

Features and Benefits

The air mattress is structured with 35 air coils. So, you will find that the mattress provides you with maximum support and comfort. 

Plus, the firmness will reduce your back and neck stress and thus minimize your pain from those points to make your camping time super funny. 

You can inflate the whole mattress in three minutes with the help of its built-in electric pump, which is incredible. But, remember, you have to have access to electricity or a generator as it’s an electric one. 

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On the other hand, you can inflate it manually, but it will take a huge amount of time. 

At the same time, deflation is simple and easy as it has automatic deflate technology.

When the air mattress is fully inflated, it boasts a raised edge which will prevent you from falling down. 

Besides, you will find a built-in pillow on edge, which will provide you neck support and comfort. So, now, you have no tension when you have children at your family camping.

Being built from sturdy, puncture-resistant materials with soft flocked coating, using the air mattress is not only comfortable but also safe.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Supportive
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to inflate and deflate


  • I need to inflate after using a couple of days

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This air mattress would be a great purchase when you need a supportive one as you are suffering from neck and back pain.

King Koil Queen Size Raised Inflatable Air Mattress

You can’t help but be pleased at the very first sight of this air mattress. This is another truly supportive as well as luxurious air mattress to solve your spinal problem while camping.

Features and Benefits

This air mattress comes with a coil-beam construction. Moreover, the mattress has an extra thick waterproof comfort quilt top.

 So, if you are suffering from back, neck, or spinal pain, this mattress will solve everything with the right support.

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Besides, the air mattress features an enhanced air bed technology. Plus, it owns a soft flocking layer and a built-in pillow. 

All these together will offer you maximum comfort and luxury. And thus, it will ensure your whole night’s comfortable sleep.

Now, inflating this air mattress is super easy with the help of a built-in pump. Besides, deflation is also effortless with the help of a switch.


  • Supportive
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Portable


  • Need to inflate after a few night’s uses

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This air mattress can be your other best choice when you need a supportive and comfortable air mattress.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Ultralight Backpacking Air Mattress

This air mattress is a superb option for you when you are looking for the best air mattress for backpacking. This air mattress is durable and owns a handy design. 

Features and Benefits

The most beneficial issue with this air mattress is that you can use it in every weather while camping. It is because this four-season inflatable sleeping pad comes with ThermaCapture technology. 

This amazing technology will trap radiant heat to ensure a comfortable sleeping surface. 

Besides, the Triangular Core Matrix Baffled Construction will provide you stability and thus reduce the heat. As a result, this air mattress is ideal for a backpacker to use as a bed in summer and winter. 

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00PZKTPVK” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mattrevs16-20″ width=”500″]

The mattress comes with a 2.5-inch thickness. And you can inflate it in less than two minutes, blowing it into the valve. And surprisingly, when you need to pack it, you can do it with the size of a 1-liter water bottle. 

So, it will take a little space to accommodate in your backpack. 

Besides, it is ultra-light as it weighs only 20 ounces. So, it will add extra comfort reducing your backpack’s overall weight. 


  • Allow use in every weather
  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Compact


  • Looking heavier
  • Hard to repair if there is any leakage

If you need an ultra-lightweight and highly packable air mattress for your backpack, this air mattress is an unparalleled option for you. It will ensure your excellent comfort. 

Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

Are you a passionate adventurer? Probably, you are looking for Lightspeed Outdoor. This air mattress will allow you to use it beside the beach, in the mountains, and cold or hot weather. 

Features and Benefits

The mattress is highly durable as it’s constructed from a thermoplastic polyurethane material that will maintain body temperature. Plus, it’s compact and light. 

So, as a backpacker, it will be easy for you to carry it wherever you like, and you can use it for a long time. 

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B07RV67ZJR” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mattrevs16-20″ width=”500″]

Besides, this air mattress is PVC-free. It is more stable in temperature and friction-resistant, which adds to its durability.

It has an 80.1 x 55.1 x 7.1 inches dimension, allowing it to sleep two-person comfortably. 

Inflaming the mattress is super easy because the air mattress allows you to inflate it with a battery-operated pump. It also comes with a storage bag. So, inflation, deflation, and storage, everything is effortless. 


  • Light
  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Comfortable 
  • Easy to inflate and deflate


  • Not thicker
  • I need to inflate after a couple of nights of use

Check Price

This air mattress is a great choice for those who are a couple of backpackers. 

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad – Mat, Ultralight 14.5 OZ

Looking for an ultra-light & ultra-comfortable camp sleep pad with the best price? You need Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad. This outdoor sleeping pad is extremely comfortable, sturdy, and light, besides being budget-friendly. That’s the reason; it could already gain mounting popularity among backpackers.

Features and Benefits

As you are a passionate backpacker, you love camping, hiking, trekking and so on. So, you need a super light air mattress. Here Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad is a perfect fit for you as it weighs only 14.4 ounces. 

Further, it’s compact as you can roll it into a pack size of 8×3.5”. So, it’s extra convenient for you to carry. 

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B07FP4Z3RZ” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mattrevs16-20″ width=”500″]

Getting tired after the whole day of hiking or trekking is common. So, you need to sleep comfortably at night. Right? Here, this sleeping pad is perfect for you as it can provide extra comfort with the support of its 2″ thickness. 

Made from strong waterproof and camping-grade ripstop nylon fabric, this sleeping pad is durable. Also, its 20 denier thickness adds to its lifetime. So, you can go with this sleeping pad for an incredibly long time. 

Finally, the most impressive issue is that you can enjoy a hassle-free lifetime replacement facility by buying this sleeping pad. Here, if you aren’t happy with the purchase, the manufacturer offers you a full refund. 


  • Ultralight
  • Comfortable
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Easy to inflate
  • Free lifetime replacement


  • Best for summer camping, not winter
  • Need to inflate after night use

Check Price

Buying this air mattress would be an awesome purchase if you need an ultra-light and comfortable sleeping pad at the best price. 

Lightspeed Outdoors XL Super Plush[/easyazon_link]

If you are a solo backpacker & need of an air bed mattress, this one is only for you. You will enjoy a unique comfort sleeping on it as stretch fabric conforms to your body with the right alignment.

Features and Benefits

The most comfortable issue is that the air mattress comes with Lightspeed’s special non-slip stretch, Maximum R-Value of 9.66 & 3″ thick foam mat. All these together will provide you with a plush soft and warm surface.

So, the mattress will offer you a sensation besides cradling your body. And thus, it will soothe your head-to-toe and you will enjoy an outstanding sleeping experience throughout the night. 

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01FELZ3TW” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mattrevs16-20″ width=”500″]

Besides, you will find that the mattress will be inflated automatically when you unroll it. Thus the mattress will provide you more firmness and support. 

As a result, it will distribute your whole body rightly and reduce your pain points and body temperature for increased comfort.

Since the mattress is made from Non-PVC materials, you won’t feel any plastic odor. So, you will enjoy a premium sleep throughout the whole night with a luxurious feel.

The air mattress is the ultimate source of your luxury while camping because of its 3.5″ pillow when opened. 

Finally, just open the dual valve when you need to deflate it. You will find that you can effortlessly roll it down for storage. 


  • Super comfortable
  • Self-inflating
  • Supportive
  • Pain-relieving


  • Allows a single person

Check Price

You can buy this air mattress without a second thought when you are craving for a luxurious and extra comfortable air mattress for your camping or solo trip. 

Final Verdict

After reading the article, you know everything about these top 7 best air mattresses. Now, pick one which can meet up your needs and expectation for your next solo trip or camping.  But, if you look for my recommendation, I strongly suggest you pick one from our Top 3 picks. They are taken care of with depth-in research. 

How do you Air up a Mattress?

While camping, the air bed is your best friend as it can turn your sleeping time comfortably. But, remember, here, you need to air up it rightly. Don’t worry. It’s simple to air up your bed. Here are 2 ways you can apply to inflate your air mattress easily:

Air Up with a Pump

Very first, you can inflate your air mattress with a pump. Here, you can use an electric pump or a manual one. If you are using the electric one, first open the air valve and insert the pump nozzle into the valve hole. 

Then, simply tighten the seal and switch it on. You will find your air mattress getting inflated effortlessly. 

But, if you have an air mattress with an automatic pump, you just need to plug in it or be sure it’s battery-powered. Then switch it on, and it will be automatically inflated. 

Air up Manually

When your air mattress is missing an electric pump or auto pump, you can simply air up your mattress manually. You can use your bicycle pump, hairdryer, and vacuum cleaner to inflate your air mattress.

You can also inflate your air mattress using a garbage bag. Inflating with a garbage bag, first, open it and take enough air swing it up and down. When you find your bag filled with air, take it to the mattress air hole and place the open end of the airbag. 

Now, press the bag slowly to push the air inside the mattress. Thus, repeat it until the mattress is inflated. 

How do I keep my air mattress warm?

As you are a passionate backpacker and love frequent camping, an air mattress is your best friend for outdoor sleep. But, you find it truly uncomfortable sleeping on the air mattress when it’s winter or cold. Right? Cool down. 

Here are a few tricks to keep your air mattress warn or insulate it. If you can apply all these tricks, it’s sure you will enjoy a super comfortable sleep throughout the night, even in severe cold. So, let’s know all of them:

Use a Layer of Foam on the Top

Yeah, while camping in winter, you will find your air mattress surface cold enough when you go to bed. It’s really bothering me. But, you can solve the problem by adopting an easy way. 

Take a piece of foam and put it on the top of your air mattress. It will keep your body from the direct touch of the air mattress surface. Then you can use a 100% cotton mattress cover which will keep the foam steady and your bed warm. 

Get a Self-Insulated Air Mattress

You know that you may face a sudden severe cold while camping outdoors. Then, you can get the best air mattress which comes with self-insulation technology. It will keep your bed warm. 

Plus, you can also use a layer of foam over the bed with high density. It will keep your bed super warm.

Use Your Sleeping Bag

Over that, you can wear your sleeping bag. It will also help you to keep yourself warmer. Besides, it, you can use a silver blanket under the foam layer. It will check the cold coming from the bottom and make your bed warmer.

How can I Make My Camp Bed More Comfortable?

Camping is always exciting. Enjoying the open sky, the twinkling stars, or the queen moon is awesome. And thus fall into sleep and wake up with the peeping of tender sunrise. 

But, will it be enjoyable when it’s unbearable cold and your bed is uncomfortable? Never. But, if you can follow a few tricks, you can easily make your bed comfy and luxurious.

 So, let’s know how you can make your camp bed more comfortable:

Get a Camp Sleeping Pad

While camping, literally, you can’t imagine anything except a camp sleeping pad. So, here you can buy a camp pad but it would be great and sporting if you get a self-inflated one. But don’t forget to get one which fits your tent. It will help you to protect yourself from the cold.

Use a Thick Foam Pad

Now, you can use a foam pad on top of your pad. Here, it would be better to use one with 3” thickness. It will protect the cold coming from the bottom and keep your bed warm.

Use a Fitted Sheet

When you want to make your camp bed super luxurious, you can’t help but go for a full-size fitted sheet. It will make your bed comfy. Plus, choose one which is made from 100% cotton as the cotton sheet is more comfortable than the others. 

Get Blankets and Pillows

Foam or inflating pillow with a blanket can make your camp bed super comfortable and luxurious. So, when camping in chilly weather, don’t forget to bring a standard blanket and a pillow. It will bring you a comfy and cozy warm bed.

Sleeping Bag

While sleeping in a tent, wearing your sleeping bag will make your bed warmer and comfortable. But, you need to choose one that is high-quality and fit for the temperature of your camping destination. Besides, it is better to choose that one which is light in weight.

Plus, you can warm up your sleeping bag if it’s severe cold. It will reward you a cozy warm with luxury. 

Final Thought

If you follow the above tips and apply them accurately, I can say from my camping experience that you will find a comfy bed even in the bitter cold while camping. And thus your camping and staying closer to nature will be an outstanding experience.

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