5 Best Latex Mattress Toppers Review-Check out Which is best

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5 Best Latex Mattress Toppers ReviewA mattress may dim its ability by day to day service or it may not be fit for you a few years later. If it is not worn out, then you can bring a topper which fills the gap of your desired mattress.

When your mattress can not serve to the fullest then the topper mattress join the team and win the game. But when you think of buying a topper make sure it is eco-friendly and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. Keeping this in mind, we are going to introduce with the best latex mattress toppers.

The whole article is pointing out that answer so let’s read it and grasp the answer.

What Makes the Best Mattress Topper and Why

The question is “Why should you buy the latex mattress topper?”

The answer is simple and to the point. You will buy a latex mattress topper because it is made of natural materials. There would be other types of toppers, they are memory foam, synthetic, polyester blends, feathers.

All the toppers have some issues and unable to provide the same features and benefits that a Latex topper can.

On the other hand, it can provide a better air supply at the topper layer.  If you go with any synthetic type of topper then you can not avoid the chemical substance which is not healthy at all.

Most importantly, you need a topper when you are not going to replace your mattress with a new one. Therefore, you need a topper that can perform like a mattress especially with the outer layer.

When you should bring a topper and place it on the mattress? Let’s see

  • Your mattress is overly firm or soft
  • Your mattress doesn’t have a proper air supply
  • Your mattress outer layer is fluffy
  • Your mattress has the odor
  • You want more comfort and relaxation
  • Your sleeping preference has changed and you need the different support

When your topper won’t work out?

Your topper won’t work out if your mattress is sagging or sinking. One side of the mattress is sagging means the other side remains normal. As a result, the mattress surface is not leveled. In that case, if you place any topper the topper will behave the same way what the mattress does. So, you need to replace it with the new mattress.

Secondly, the topper won’t work out when you have worn out mattress which is old and the mattress really needs to replace badly.

For the third reason, you can go with a replacement or you can look for a topper that has edge support.

Top 5 Latex Mattress Toppers Review

Now let’s find out which of the latest mattress toppers will fulfill your need. Continue to read on the reviews below to find the one you need.

  1. Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper


  • Eco-friendly


  • Not compatible for sagging mattress

When it comes to durability then this will go years after years. Besides it is far better than the memory foam or polyurethane foam. Under the LGA physical properties test, it scores 99/100 in regards to the performance and durability. After getting this test, many reviewers claim it to be the best latex mattress toppers available in the market.

Another benefit of this mattress is having the heat neutral so it won’t absorb the body heat. It has tiny air chambers that run across the foam and allow sufficient air in the topper.

The pure green mattress is a natural responsive topper that can provide you the ultimate comfort while you are not getting it from your mattress. Throughout the night it serves the contoured support and thus you won’t go through the sinking experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Topper provides amazing support for the thick mattress and user may get better sleep instantly
  • It comes with a 100% natural whereas no synthetic or fillers available
  • Versatile topper available in three different mattresses 1/2/3 inches
  • For being natural topper it stays cool
  • As it is a natural mattress it doesn’t have harmful substances like formaldehyde or ozone-depleting metals.

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You may be assuming it to be another having the same features while double-checking. But did you see the LGA test certification? If you want to judge it then judge it from this accreditation. Secondly, the three variants with different sizes leave choices to buy.

  1. Ultimate Dreams King 3″ Talalay Latex Medium Mattress Topper


  • 33% more pressure relief
  • Odorless


  • Not firmer

Talalay Latex mattress and topper is a popular choice for natural and eco-friendliness. Besides, it is affordable as it doesn’t use wool or cotton. Instead of it, it is made of natural bamboo extracts, it keeps you cooler.

The Dunlop and Talalay are the two main processes of producing latex mattresses and toppers. These toppers are from the Talalay processed and thus it is a bit bouncy while pressing against the topper. You may get this in three different variants soft, medium and plush. So if you find your mattress is overly firm then place the soft topper and while it is overly soft then place the plush topper.

When you will place it on the mattress then you will have more pressure relief. For the stomach, back and side sleepers it will just be accurate. Natural substances that come from bamboo fabrics make it cooler.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% natural and made of Bamboo extracts instead of wool or cotton make it affordable but luxurious
  • Available in the three variants Soft (19 ILD), Medium (28 ILD) or Firm (36 ILD)
  • Molding into a different shape makes it universal for all types of people with their body shape
  • It breathes well all night due to having organic fabrics
  • It is hypoallergenic and antibacterial resistant to mites, dust, mildew, and mold

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Talalay makes it more firm and sturdy but they did a tricky job giving the three variants. Therefore, you can choose the best latex mattress toppers according to your sleeping preference and body shape. The contoured support would be the game-changing feature that pushes you to bring it home.

  1. Pure Organic Latex Mattress Topper Queen


  • Avoid allergenic substances
  • Pure natural cotton


  • More air supply reduces the motion transfer

We have shared all the mattress toppers that are made of organic material so this one also one of them. This pure organic Latex mattress has some more features that will push you to buy it.

First of all, the pin-hole ventilation provides amazing benefits to you for the extra air supply and make you cooler. The organic toppers company based in southern California, whereas they get the best organic materials that help them to provide an affordable price. Apart from the toppers, they churn out all types of bedding products.

As latex has some good features by default so you need to know whether it is actually available in the toppers or not. In this topper, you will get the bounce which is the specialty of latex and the firmness would be accurate neither soft nor plush.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of organic cotton as a cover that provides extra protection with durable service
  • Certified as an organic latex topper
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful chemical or substance that leads to unhealthy living
  • Air ventilation enhances greatly with pinhole design that also reduces the pressure point

What do Say Amazon User

Apart from the common features of a topper mattress, it is more pressure relieving and provides more air supply. Because here you see a pinhole design thus the extra-large hole holds more air and supply cooler experience to you.

  1. OrganicTextiles 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper


  • Edge supportive due to thickness


  • No variant found only 3-inch topper available

Finally, we come with a topper that can relieve your back pain, and this is the specialty of it. So if you are having back pain and don’t want to spend money with a new mattress then this one will help you out from that.

When eco-friendliness is your main target then you will look for such mattresses which would be nonallergic, dust and mite resistant. Again the antifungal resistance is a plus in this mattress. The contoured support will give you relief from day to day spinal pain.

This mattress is available with a 3-inch topper size so the firmness would be unbeatable. This is why we claim this topper to be the best latex mattress topper, especially for back pain relief. As you know the firmer the better for the back pain so you can have it without any doubt.

Highlighted Features

  • It is made of organic cotton and no chemicals added and also flame retardant that makes it eco-friendly.
  • This 100% Latex topper made from eco-harvested rubber trees
  • Queen-size Medium Firmness (24-28 ILD) offers all sleeping preferences.
  • The proper air supply can reduce sweating from wicking away the moisture and make you feel comfortable

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The medium firmness is just accurate and pressure relieving. Being the latex topper, it can dissipate the heat and gives you a bounce while staying on it. But what makes it stand out from others? It is a flame retardant feature that is not available in every other topper mattress that will ensure your safety.

  1. Take Ten 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper


  • Good for all types of sleepers
  • Micro vented cover made in the USA
  • Customizable
  • 4 months of a free trial


  • Sometimes traps heat makes you hot when sleeping

Nestled comes with the natural mattress topper that offers zippered cotton cover, which is the main attention of this. When you need a 100% organic mattress tuned with cotton and comes as latex materials, then you can also figure it out too in the list. But make sure, the soft firmness is good to go with you. Now the main question is when it can serve the purpose to you? It is for those who are having a problem with the plush mattress, and now it will allow more comfort and soft support at the surface of your mattress.

So now, you can sleep in a comfortable soft surface, and you would love it when sinking into this topper. Moreover, it helps to maximize circulation and help to curve your body what it needs to be. The whole experience comes as a healthy mattress topper and comfortable that you can not resist.

The main reason you should buy it because it is safe enough to deal with any harmful chemicals. Besides, it is antimicrobial and naturally comes as dust mite resistant. Ironically, this type of feature is the main thing more or less in every topper we are reviewing here. Last but not least, if you are looking for a plush mattress and want to feel the softness of a natural mattress, this would be worth investing indeed.

Highlighted Features

  • It is a 100% natural Latex excluding the synthetic latex and fillers and 100% vegan too.
  • You can zip this topper within removable cotton cover that is easy for hand wash and easy to dry in air.
  • It comes as hypoallergenic for allergic people, antimicrobial for comfort and last but not least naturally dust mite resistant for cleanliness.
  • It confirms no VOC’s or any other harmful chemicals, and thus it has OIKO-TEX certification.
  • It is soft and supportive (20ILD) so the best mattress avoids extra firmness.

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Why do you buy it? More or less every feature here is standard compared with another latex topper. But if you zoom into it, you will find the flex technology that stands out from others. For that, you will have great support with pressure-relieving in your spine and back. So it is for those who are having trouble with the back pain.

Why Choose Natural Latex Topper? (Revealed with Reasons)

1) Money-saving investment: Buying a new mattress is for no reason while a topper can do the same. After a few years of using it, most of us find that their body weight is no longer adjustable with the mattress. So if you are bulky you can get a firm mattress and make your mattress adjustable with it.

2) Avoid Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): One of the main reasons you should opt for Natural latex mattress just because of it devoids of organic compounds. The chemical substance is not healthy and since you are sleeping on the topper for nearly half of your life so you don’t want any unhealthy topper.

3) Beauty sleep: If you sleep well, you can live well and for that beauty, sleep is a must. It can be only possible when you will get adequate sleep. The topper can enhance your sleeping comfort by giving you the benefits with the feature when your mattress won’t cope up with it.

4) Sleeps cooler all the time: For being natural substance the Latex topper mattress has more breathability and air supply and for that, it keeps cooler. The heat dissipation is a top-notch feature and a tricky one. So when your mattress can not keep its promise to provide it then bring a breathable topper mattress and live alive.

5) Eco-Friendly: While other toppers are from synthetic or blend type, the latex topper is 100% natural and thus eco-friendly. Some of it comes with cotton and wool and some of them are from bamboo extracts. Avoiding all the harmful chemicals and infusing all the natural materials a latex topper is the best option to choose while buying.

Sum up

You need to spend a lot while buying a new latex mattress, hence buying a topper will save you money. The latex topper is a natural form of milky sap and comes from matured rubber trees.

It enhances the breathability, air supply, and eco-friendly and thus you can make up your mind to buy any best latex mattress toppers from this review.

You may find a lot of latex toppers in different variations. The variations are with firmness, flexibility, cover or without cover, breathability, air supply and process of development it (Dunlop and Talalay).

Natural vs. Synthetic vs. Blend

Natural latex is chosen by those sleepers who don’t love the sinking feature but they prefer the superior contouring. Whereas natural latex is eco-friendly, synthetic is not at all. It is made from SBR and that is primarily used to provide benefits in regards to abrasion, softening and heat aging. Finally, the latex is an expensive choice and it is the most durable option too. It is the blended form with synthetic and latex 60 to 40 synthetic to natural latex.

Talalay vs. Dunlop Latex

Dunlop and Talalay foam has some difference in regards to density, energy efficiency and springiness. Dunlop is a bit springy and the Talalay is a bit bouncy. Talalay is less dense whereas the Dunlop is more than it. The production process of Dunlop is easier and more energy-efficient. So these are the scenario and differences between them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Latex Mattress Toppers

Questions: What is a Foam Rubber Mattress?

Answer: There is nothing wrong if you heard of foam rubber mattress material comes from directly to the rubber tree by extracting it. So the foam rubber mattress is called also a natural latex mattress.

Questions: Is latex mattress good for side sleepers?

Answer: According to the national sleep foundation, 70% of Americans found as a side sleeper. They normally put their pressure on their shoulders, neck, and hips mainly. Therefore overly firm mattresses won’t support proper circulation and resulting in numbness and tingling. Therefore, Latex mattress can support them as it is a natural buoyancy. So it can promote better blood flow and deters the numbness.

Questions: How latex mattress is good for back pain?

Answer: Normally, who sleep on their back at the same time have a plush mattress tends to have back pain. The latex mattress is a bit firm not too much or less and contouring support is amazing. The natural surface produces more air supply to the body adds more health benefits. Most importantly, it is a safer option to choose latex mattress for back sleepers.

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