What is the best sleeping position for lower back pain?

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Are you having a hard time sleeping and don’t know how to get over from this? Around 40% of people face the same problem in their lifetime, so you are not alone in this hurdle. Again, this comes to you because you are used to a wrong sleeping position. So you need to educate yourself with the best sleeping position for lower back pain. Not all factors are responsible for causing the pain, and specifically, some factors only activate due to the wrong sleeping position.

In this article, we will deal with all the probable reasons for lower back pain caused by sleeping. Besides, we will inform you about auxiliary factors that have no relation with ways to sleep with lower back pain.

  1. Lying on your back with a pillow: One of the most effective postures is lying on the back with a pillow. Besides, it is comfortable while the pillow goes across the knee. This position helps to improve the pain as it evenly distributes your weight to your body.

You may experience with the lower back pain when lying down flat, and it occurs especially when the bodyweight unevenly hit the pressure points, they are the neck, head, and spine.

Placing a pillow right under the knee will help you to get over from it. Additionally, it will support you to keep the natural curve of the spine in the right manner.

  1. on the back in a reclined position: While you are undergoing isthmic spondylolisthesis, reclined position will benefit your lower back pain. It has amazing results for this type of disease.

To make sure this posture, you need to bring an adjustable bed that can support the recline position. But we recommend you not to go with this position as a universal sleeping posture rather you can practice it when pain kick on your lower back as it helps 30% of people.

  1. Fetal position: Do you have a problem with your herniated disc? If so, then you should try out the fetal sleeping position that is especially effective for people like you. It is the type of position when you will curl up your body and then lying on the side, placing your knees tucked into the chest. It helps your spine when the bending of it comes to reduce and to open up the joints.

Can a firm mattress cause lower back pain?

One of the most popular questions from mattress buyers is “Can a firm mattress cause lower back pain” The answer is relative as not cause a problem for all of us. Besides, the firm mattress decreases chronic back pain to some extent.

The second question comes to mind -“Firm but how intensively firm?”

The main job of an ideal mattress is to give you the proper softness and evenly distribute your body weight. We know that the lower back contains a moderate weight and when you wake up using your spine then the pressure goes down to the mattress with greater and heavier, that’s why having a firm mattress is good to go.

Conversely, the Too soft mattress causes snagging and fail to meet the proper back support. As a result, it causes back pain.

When you will come back to the too-hard mattress that will distort you back, uneven weight distribution so the pressure will focus on the shoulders and pelvic area. As a result, it also causes lower back pain.

So how do you come to know the best mattress that can support your lower back pain neither too stiff and nor soften? Simple task!

Finally, we come to one point about the firmness of a mattress. Typically, medium-firm is good to go, however, the exception comes here, when you have extra weight and use a mattress for combo sleepers. Normally, the decision comes from individual sleeping preferences.

Whenever the mattresses come with a bit firm comparing to your skinny weight then it won’t help sinking to the appropriate level. If it is less firm, then your back will sink into the mattress so the spine position will be twisted and in the long term, it causes lower back pain, with the spinal disorder.

What is the best sleeping position for lower back pain
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 Tips to select the best mattress for lower back pain

Can you imagine the scenario when you have lower back pain and suddenly come to know that the mattress deteriorates it for a long time? The worst and avoidable situation. A good mattress will support you to cope with your pain gradually as it can conversely cause the pain. Surprisingly, there is no one ideal mattress that everyone should buy to reduce your lower back pain; rather, you can go through a few tips to select a mattress for lower back pain.

  1. Look for a mattress with refund policy: To buy a new and good quality mattress is an expensive investment indeed. Additionally, there will be no assurance comes to you whether it can alleviate your lower back pain or not.

So how do you come to know that your investment will return with benefits? To ensure it look for a company that offers you with 30 days money-back guarantee and for that you can replace it after going a test drive with it.

For example, you have bought a mattress with that offer, now start exploring it and pay attention to how do you feel after waking up. Do you feel lower back pain in the morning that goes away? If you can see, the pain comes to improve to a minimum extent then jot down the name of the company and then research the reviews online.

  1. Make sure to buy a non-toxic mattress: Mattress can cause trouble for some people who have rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Some mattress made of toxic chemical including:

Foam, plastics, and synthetic latex which normally made from some toxic petroleum chemicals. Also, avoid the mattress that contains flame retardant chemicals, that means these are don’t catch fire.

  1. Rotate the mattress and see does it alleviate your pain: Probably you have seen one of your friends to rotate or flip the mattress from time to time.

Not all mattresses need to rotate frequently like the worst one. Hence, you can share with your friends about rotating history. Why do we recommend that? Because there is no specific recommendation that can experiment it rather you need to go through the real-time experiment of it.

  1. Know your sleeping habits: Frist of all, when we will guide you about buying the best mattress we need to clarify one point.

That is not all mattress is suitable for all of you. Hence, only you can help yourself and define that to make sure to understand your sleeping habits.

Do you love the firm, medium-firm, or extra firm or soft mattress? Normally, a mattress helps to promote the alignment of our spine along with the joints. So when you were waking up with lower back pain that indicates you have bought a wrong mattress that is either extra firm, firm or more softer than others.

  1. Don’t stick to the only firm mattress: Some people continuously stick to the firm mattress addressing that they have chronic pain and always recommend an extra firm mattress that will reduce their pain. It’s a bad idea.

However, research supports that chronic back pain decrease after using a firm mattress, but it is still a relative concept to review. As we have already started our article “Firm but Firm, but how intensively firm?”

Our recommended Mattresses for lower back pain relief:


If you grasp the whole article you have already come to one decision there is no one specific mattress for everyone to ease the lower back pain. Besides, the best sleeping position for lower back pain is a crucial factor too. You may bring the best mattress for you but unless you don’t change the bad posture while sleeping then it doesn’t make sense to buy a mattress that can help to overcome your pain. So make sure of it and also don’t stick to one.

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