Bunk Bed for Small Rooms – Learn How to Choose the Perfect One

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Purchasing a bunk bed is slightly tricky since there are many things to consider.

Bunk Bed for Small Rooms

When your children are growing up, or relatives are coming very soon, but your home is cramped and small to accommodate kids or guests. So it becomes a big problem for you.

But you can overcome this problem instantly. How? That’s easy! A bunk bed is a solution. This bed is suitable for small rooms and does not take much space. From younger to oldest, anyone can adjust to it.

However, let’s discuss the details here. 

What Is A Bunk Bed?

A bunk bed is a combination of two beds where one bed with a railing is placed over the other, and a staircase is attached to it to reach the top. This bed allows two persons to use and spend the night comfortably.

Again, some bunk beds are made in a way that you can separate them and place them on the floor when you need to increase the bed’s perimeter.

It is best for kids or teenagers aged six to thirteen years. It saves space and gives the benefit of using the upper portion of the room. 

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Things to Consider When Purchasing Bunk Bed

You may be hovering around the market to buy a bunk bed for your kids or get one for your home. Unfortunately, this bed now becomes a burden for you when you come through the problem of not fitting it in the room due to insufficient height or other things.

That is why you need to get prepared before purchasing a bunk bed. Now, questions come about what things you should consider for owning a bunk bed. Take a look below-

Who Will Use the Bed?

At first, you must consider for whom you are preparing to buy this. Your Newborn baby or older ones? If you are buying for your kids, then consider the height and weight of your kid. If it is for adults, then the consideration remains the same.bunk bed for small room types and sizes

Bunk beds are suitable for kids, but older people can use this as well. A bunk bed for kids can carry a maximum of 99.79 kg or 150- 220 pounds. If your kid is 6 or 7 years old, his weight is 19.96 kg to 22.45 kg, and his height is near 4 feet or 4 feet, then you can purchase.

Again, an adult bunk bed carries weight from 250 pounds to 800 pounds, which means that a mature person whose height is 5.5 feet to 6 feet and weight is up to 80 kg is fit for using a bunk bed.

Usually, bunk beds come in different sizes and shapes. Two stored or three stored bunk beds are available in the shop. These beds consist of another bed inserted beneath the main bed so that you can pull it out and use it when you need to. 

Room Space 

Secondly, you have to consider whether the room’s space is ample or not. Bunk beds are suitable for small rooms to create space. Twin over twin bunk bed does not take up much space, so you can use the area for another purpose.

However, if it is for kids, you can decorate your beloved’s room with their favorite things or leave the space vacant for kids to play with. 

Proper Height

Height is another factor to consider. You have to check the room’s height and the bed’s height. A room height of 8 or 9 feet is suitable for bunk beds.Bunk bed for small rooms height

An ideal distance between upper and lower beds is necessary for easy movement to get in and out of bed because you don’t want your child to bump his head.

As there is no standard height for the bunk beds, you may find varieties of beds with different heights. For example, if you are looking for a twin over twin or triple twin bunk bed, it heights from five feet five inches to six feet, whereas the other’s heights are six feet two inches. 

Types of Materials 

Now, it is time to talk about the materials of the bunk bed. But, first, you must consider the person who will use this bed and his weight.

Because it is necessary to build the bed with solid materials, and the bottom bed should be strong enough to carry the load of the upper bed and its user.

Three types of beds are available for you -one is a wooden bed, another is metal, and the other is wood and metal made.

Wood-made bunk beds give you durability; this is enough for bearing heavy loads and is long-lasting. However, you can also grant your wooden bunk bed a stylish look according to your wish. Oak, maple, and cherry are hard wood suitable for your bunk bed.

You can buy a bunk bed made of metals. It is stiff, lightweight, and easier to move than a wooden bed. However, checking in nuts, bolts, and welding areas is necessary after purchasing a bunk bed.

Wood and material-made bunk beds also take place in your choice list. This bed is made of both wood and metal. 

Safety is a Concern

Safety is the foremost thing you have to keep in mind. Because it is your child who will use this bed. Check the availability and height of the railing around the upper bed for the security of your child.kids bunk bed safety

Stairs or a ladder are also included as the safest option. Stairs are suitable for the bunk bed, and it has guard rails that give your kid proper safety. Moreover, not only does it benefit your kid, but it also benefits you.

You can easily stand and rearrange the bed after using it. Moreover, it gives you the space to insert essential things for your kids into the drawers if it has any.

The ladder is also good as it takes less room. A ladder should be thirty inches distant from the bottom of the bed.

Some ladders can be removed from the bed. So, it relieves you from the tension of descending your kid and creating mass. In addition, it is easily portable and fits onto the wall. 

Purpose Of the Bed

It lets you think about what kind of bed you will buy and why. But, then, what will you do with it after fulfilling your primary target?

If you are planning to purchase a twin over a twin bed, you can search for a bed with a drawer beneath the lower bed where you can insert things you tend to do. Then, again, you can use the vacant space by inserting an extra bed for the guests. 

You can also enlist a loft bed in your choice list that is also a kind of bunk bed yet slightly different from a traditional bunk bed. This bed is lifted, giving the space below it for a study table or playing place for your kids.mattress for bunk bed

Top 5 Bunk Beds for Small Rooms:

These are the top 5 bunk beds for your home. Check them out and order the one you need:

  1. Max & Lily Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed
  2. Olela Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin
  3. Bunk Bed with Storage Staircase
  4. COODENKEY Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed
  5. Walker Edison Della Classic

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How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Bunk Bed?

Now it is time to give you some information about the right mattress you should buy. Different sizes and shapes of mattresses are available in the market, but you have to choose the accurate one. Below are the types and sizes of mattresses –

  • Twin over twin or standard mattress- 38’’x 75″ inches
  • Twin over twin XL mattress- 38’’x80″; suitable for taller people.
  • Two full mattresses- 53″ x75″; best for teenagers or college students sharing their room.
  • One twin and one full mattress- children of different ages sharing their beds for sleeping. 

At first, you have to think about what kind of bunk bed you have bought and what is the length and weight of both the upper and lower bed. You can buy a twin over twin mattress if your bunk bed is standard.

Again, if the lower bed has enough space for two and the upper bed is suitable for one, you can purchase one twin and one whole mattress. Moreover, it gives you extra room in the bottom bed to sleep well at night.

But also, you must consider the mattress’s thickness, weight, and materials. An ideal mattress should not be thick more than six or seven inches because too much consistency destroys safety.

Moreover, it should be light and made of foam which gives you comfort and does not disturb your sleep while moving around the bed.

Don’t forget to measure the space from the top of the mattress of the upper bed to the ceiling. Make sure the gap between the roof and the top of the upper bed is at least three feet. 

To sum up, I am sure after reading this guide, you will know what to check and do when buying a bunk bed because it is the right decision that your family’s safety depends on.

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