Can a Bed Frame Cause Back Pain?[Here Is 6 Clue Check Guideline]

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Can A Bed Frame Cause Back PainI know how it feels to suffer from back pain, especially when you are lying on your bed for comfort and rest. Back pain may cause due to different reason but one of the ugliest reasons for back pain is a bad mattress or a bed frame, but how would you be sure that the mattress is the culprit? Here are some clues to find it out.

Clues to Find if a Bed Frame Cause Back Pain

Clue 1

If you feel the back pain after waking up from your bed and you get rid of it within 15-20 minutes, then, you can think that your bed frame or mattress is causing your back pain.

Clue 2

Then if your sleep breaks frequently and you try to get to sleep tossing and turning to both sides, it’s also a good sign your bed frame or mattress is doing you harm.

Clue 3

If you feel uncomfortable while sleeping.

Clue 4

Feeling the pressure on your hips, shoulders, and knees.

Clue 5

Feeling your bed hard and flat

Clue 6

If your mattress age is over 8 years

Now you know whether or not your bed frame or the mattress is causing you the trouble and decide to change your mattress to get an ideal one for your back support. But before changing your mattress, you should know which type of mattress is good for your back.

Which Mattress is Good for Me?

If your mattress is the main culprit for your back pain, then, it is a must for you to look for the new one which will have all the ideal qualities for your back.

In many studies, it is found that the people sleeping on the medium-hard innerspring mattress suffer from less back pain than those who sleep on the more hard or soft mattress.

So, experts suggest getting the mattress which has the following characteristics:

Don’t prefer a too hard or firm mattress

According to the experts, if your mattress is too hard or firm, it will create pressure on the many parts of your body like hips, shoulders, and knees. And it will hamper your central nerve system causing to misalignment of your spine. It will be the cause of your back pain.

Don’t prefer a too-soft mattress

Can a Bed Frame Cause Back Pain

Experts also suggest not use the too-soft mattress. It is because when you are on the too-soft bed, your entire body will dig into deep which will also hamper your central nervous system and causes your back pain.

Prefer the medium-hard mattress

Right! What does the expert say to get your mattress? They suggest preferring those mattresses which are not so hard or so soft. Your bed should be one that is ideal for your body supporting your weight. The medium-hard mattress can be the best one for your comfortable sleep.

In the vast world of mattresses available in the market, it is really hard for you to get the best mattress. So, you can also go through the following practical guidelines which can help you to choose the best mattress for you.

Prefer your personal choice

You know there are many types of mattresses in the market that can’t be suitable for all types of people who are suffering from back pain. So, you should get that mattress which will suit you by meeting your comfort and ensuring a good sleep at night for you.

Get the mattress supporting your back

You know that different men have different body shapes. So, a mattress will not be supportive of everybody. You get the mattress which will support your body curve and alignment of the spine.

Find out the right components of the mattress

The materials used in the mattress are a matter. The accompanying physical components with a mattress are the imperative highlights of the most excellent sleeping cushions.

So, finding out the right components of a mattress can help you to evaluate the mattress and get the right one.

Springs and coils in a mattress

The springs and coils in a mattress come in various thicknesses in which a lower check number means thicker, sturdy wire as well as a solid mattress. So, quality and centralized steel curls can result in a standard sleeping quality mattress.

But those who are suffering from back pain should depend on their own choice and judgment with respect to which bedding is the most suitable for his back and provide help to his back pain. He should not just depend on the quality and centralized steel curls only to get an ideal bed.

Padding in a mattress really matters

Though quality springs and coils play a vital role in the case of a quality mattress, the padding on the top and in the middle of a mattress is a matter to make a bed comfortable and full of quality. Padding is typically made of some materials like polyurethane foam, puffed-up polyester or cotton batting.

Though a broad mattress is frequently more costly, most of the individuals find it more comfortable and worth the additional cost which they may spend to get the mattress.

The outer layer of mattress:

The external layer of a mattress plays a vital role to make a bed comfortable. The outer layer of a bed comprises of ticking. And it is generally found in a good and decent mattress in a polyester or cotton-polyester mix. The mattress quilting appends to the best layers of the padding which is a smart thought to examine the nature of sewing on the mattress quilting, searching for steady, whole stitches.

The foundation of a mattress

The foundation or the sleeping cushion establishments or box spring adds another level of help or support to sleeping cushion or mattress. Generally, we find that the foundation of a mattress comprises of a wooden or metal casing with springs. Just a plain wooden frame may influence the bedding to feel harder than a frame with springs.

So, for better sleep results, one should prefer the mattress which foundation comes of wooden or metal frame with consisting springs.

An alternative, foam mattress

The traditional mattress is available in the market. But, besides this traditional mattress, the foam mattress can be the alternative. Thinking this option, a few kinds of sleeping pads are made completely or for the most part from adaptable foam or latex foam. Some froth mattress is made of different layers of foam followed together. There is some other which is made of foam core in the center of the mattress. One can have both of these with different densities.

You can get foam mattress of various degrees of immovability which will give you access for greater selection for your back support and comfort. But it will completely depend on your choice or inclination whether you will get a foam mattress or traditional one.

Now you are the master of your own-self for selecting your best mattress. You can follow all the above practical guidelines to have your best mattress for supporting your back pain, reducing your back pain and for your comfortable sleep to make your night a dreamy one.

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