Is Casper mattress too firm? Learn How to Make It Softer

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Is Casper Mattress Too Firm? Learn How To Make It SofterThe Casper bed has been big attention to us for the last couple of years. Most importantly, when the mattress came to change in regards to the firmness. Significantly, a question is revolving around how firm it is as many of us were asking is Casper mattress too firm?

Normally, the trend has gone about firmness. Before a couple of years ago, people were looking for a firm mattress, but now the concept of it has changed a lot. Nowadays, quality mattress contains polyurethane foam in between the memory layer and the firmer base layer. It allows more transition between memory and base foam for providing more comfort and won’t sacrifice the support. Again, the foam base is less thick as it was before.

Now, question arouses in mind, is it still enough firm and why most buyers still face problems to its firmness? Time to go beyond and give some information about it right after below:

How to Make It Softer?

Did you forget to check out the firmness of your mattress before buying? Many buyers like you forget to go through the mattress testing. There is no ideal mattress so far for one specific person like you. So when you can see your bed become too firm, you blame your mattress.

Don’t blame your mattress rather judge them and then buy it. If you want to have a soft mattress even after buying them try to know how to make it so.

But how do you make a mattress softer, and how do you know when it comes too firm?

A common question for all of us, so the answer could be pretty easy to grasp, and they are just below here, so read it and make your mattress soft and comfortable.

1. Break it in:

New mattress tends to be stick to the firmness, whereas the old one becomes less firm after using them day by day. So if you have bought a mattress recently, make sure you break it in as like as the new chunkiest shoe worn it so same goes to your mattress too.

First of all, you can go through the normal process that is you will sleep on it throughout nights. However, you can make the process faster; that is, you can walk on your mattress for a few minutes before bedtime. Funnily, you can tell your kids to have fun on the mattress and jump over there then it will make the process faster.

The question could come to your mind that how many days it takes to break in a newly bought mattress? Normally, it takes sixty days, depends on your regular attachment to it during the night. On the other hand, when you have a partner on your bed, and both of you are not lightweight, then the process would be faster.

2. Rotate the mattress:

Not specifically for the Casper, rather you should rotate your mattress now and then, and especially after three months later. Rotating one’s mattress regularly becomes more important when you are sleeping with your partner.

It is pretty common that your partner’s weight and your weight won’t be the same. So you need the mattress to take the bodyweight evenly, so to rotate it makes it so. Again, it helps to make it softer on both parts of the mattress.

Is your mattress comfort layers compressed? The comfort layer helps to give you a soft feel, and when you don’t rotate your mattress, then it hampers by permanent indentation. This is why you should rotate it regularly to avoid it.

3 Topper:

Fortunately, you can get a cheap topper on Amazon that makes your bed soften then before. The type of toppers has many choices, but we will suggest you buy a goose down topper, memory foam topper or a wool topper. By the way, be careful about the egg crate style toppers that have a huge texture, so it is troublesome for sensitive sleepers.  There is a mattress pad to get help, but toppers come with more plush and thickness.

3. Utilize the free trial period

More or less several online mattress companies provide trial periods so you can test your mattress for your new bad. Normally, companies offer a 100-night trial. However, a few extended it more. So you can utilize that time and get to know how it works, firm or too firm.

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Should you go for Casper mattress alternative?

Normally, Casper can hold weigh which is around 250 lb, a firmer bed still question comes to mind is Casper too firm? A few reviewers shared on amazon that they found the mattress too firm and left with a one-star review. They shared their experience that the mattress felt like a hard place to sleep, and surprisingly, they compare it with it like a floor or a concrete block.

Do you know why do they complain about Caspers? First of all, Caspers mattress is for most of the average consumers, and most of them are neither too thin nor heavyweight.

Caspers mattress doesn’t have egg crate that makes a mattress more firm for heavyweight people. Casper is a medium type of mattress and it is not too firm based on the mattress firmness scale.

Casper Alternative:

When should you think about an alternative mattress excluding Casper? Surprisingly, there are a few things that Casper mattress doesn’t perform well. Especially when you are heavyweight, or you will use a mattress for combo sleeping.

On the other hand, when you ever think about a high firm mattress that a memory foam mattress won’t support within just four layers, then it is high time to think about switching a more firm mattress.

It is normal that when you can’t find a Casper mattress too firm for combo sleepers and for a person who weighs a bit more should look for an alternative. Roaming around the online mattress, we can recommend you the Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress as an alternative. The pressure point will get relief amazingly around your hip, knees, and spine.

Why Should You Choose Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress:

  • Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress comes with more comfort, Egg crates feature and T&N Adaptive Foam with underlying support foam.
  • It is a bit firmer than the Casper mattress. Casper uses two transition layers from bottom to top, whereas Tuft and Needle don’t have so thus it makes it firm.
  • Tuft & Needle Queen is an affordable choice compared to Casper.
  • It has a free trial option for 100 nights so you can go through a self-testing period with it.
  •  memory foam and Latex mattresses let you sink adequately adjusting your weight so make you feel stuck with proper temperature.

Final Verdict:

Casper mattress too firm or not is still a big question that people need to check out before buying it. We have discussed here it is not too firm and for what reasons. Additionally, it is a medium-firm mattress and there are a lot of people like you who is either bulky (280 lb) or combo sleepers should try out the different mattress. Therefore, we recommend you the Tuft & Needle Queen mattress as it offers with the lackings what Casper can’t provide.

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