Casper Sleep Mattress Review: The Mattress That Changes The Way You Sleep

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I am Jim Thomas and I am the editor of this blog. The sole purpose of this blog is to help people make an informed decision rather investing in a wrong Mattress.

Casper Sleep Mattress Review

I have written this Casper Sleep Mattress review based on my first-hand experience and I have no financial relationship with Casper but I recommend a physical store or Amazon (I will earn a small commission if you buy through my referral link) to make your purchase.

The Casper Mattress promises to deliver better sleep quality and better comfort, while also addressing some of the most common problems people have when it comes to seeking a mattress that offers true quality. During my time with the Mattress, I tested several aspects of the mattress in order to see just how good the mattress truly is.

Not only did I test different sleeping positions, but I also tried to use the mattress in different setups and for other purposes, such as for watching television. In this Casper Mattress review, I am going to share my experience with you and tell you what I think about the comfort, quality, and features of this new mattress.

Before I jump into the review of the mattress, let me first explain what the Mattress really is. We tend to get used to sleeping on uncomfortable mattresses. In fact, some people use the same mattress for decades without ever considering buying a new one.

While these mattresses are very comfortable to sleep on, in the beginning, they soon start to wear out and we find ourselves lacking a high-quality, peaceful night’s sleep due to the comfortability level of our mattress.

At first, I thought that this mattress was a bit pricey, especially when I looked at the pricing range of other mattresses. I continued to investigate the mattress to help me understand why it is priced higher than many other options on the market and, eventually, thought that I should at least try it out.

Since high-quality sleep is so important for our health, I considered the purchase an investment, rather than an expense. Investing in the way you sleep is, after all, something that can contribute to your overall health.

Key Features of Casper Sleep Mattress

  • Mattress includes 4-Layers
  • Open-cell hypoallergenic latex keeps you cool all night
  • Queen Size: 80 x 60 x 10 inches
  • 100 Night trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

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Top Features Of The Casper Sleep Mattress

After testing the Casper for several nights, I have come to the conclusion that these are the best features of the mattress:

Perfect Support Due To The Selection Of Foam

The first feature that I truly appreciated is the fact that the mattress provided perfect support for my entire body. This is due to the selection of different types of foam that the company uses in the mattress.

Casper provides support and comfortability from every angle

Unlike most mattresses that are simply filled with one type of foam, the Sleep Mattress offers four layers that have been specially designed to provide support and comfortability. The different types of foam that are used in the layers include latex foam, memory foam and polyfoam.

Soft And Durable Mattress Cover

Another feature of the mattress that I enjoyed is the fact that it features a soft and durable cover. A lot of the mattresses that I have used in the past featured a rough cover that was made from a hard material. Even after adding a sheet to these mattresses, I could still feel the roughness of their covers.

This can be very uncomfortable, especially as the mattress gets older. Instead of using a rough texture material, the Casper Mattress uses a soft, thin and stretchy material that I think is a perfect companion to the inner layers. The rough material that is often used on mattresses makes it hard to truly experience the support and comfortability of the inner foam. This, however, is not the case with the Mattress.

The cover is quite thin, which means I was able to feel the top latex foam layer and truly experience the support it has to offer. The material is also high-quality, which means, even though it is quite thin, it is still durable.

A trustworthy Mattress company

A Real USA Product

In my experience of buying mattresses, I have found that a lot of mattresses are actually made in foreign countries and then imported into the United States. This often helps companies in the country save money by simply sourcing from manufacturers that can use a range of cheap materials in order to deliver a product that will boost their profit.

The Casper Mattress is different. While some of the materials that are used to manufacture the mattress are sourced from another country (Belgium, which is a country known to manufacture high-quality products), the majority of materials used in the mattress is sourced directly from suppliers in the United States. The mattress is also manufactured within local facilities in the United States.

Thoroughly Tested

Companies that manufacturer mattresses tend to decide on a foam type, add a cover and release a mattress to the public. The company that manufactures the Mattress took a completely different approach to how mattress manufacturers usually work.

Instead of simply throwing together a couple of materials, they sample a large number of materials and did a lot of testing on real humans in order to ensure they come up with one single mattress that gives their customers the best of all worlds. After sampling many different foam types and deciding on a few potential options, the company experimented with different configurations.

In the end, they had more than 100 configurations for the foam types and mattress options.  This led them to test the mattress on real people. The company developed a total of 108 prototype models and then completed studies that included 3,240 hours of testing (people sleeping on the mattresses). They collected data throughout these studies and ended up with the perfect formula for the perfect mattress.

First Impressions Of The Casper Sleep Mattress

At first glance, the Casper Mattress might look just like any other ordinary mattress. It does have some uniqueness to its design, but it features an overall design that is featured in many of the modern mattresses on the market.

This, however, does not mean it feels the same to lay on the mattress. While the outer appearance of the mattress may seem ordinary, the inside of the mattress contains several layers of foam that are the result of years of research and perfection.

The Mattress features four different layers of high-quality foam. The company that manufactures the mattress decided on these four foam layers after they sampled more than 100 different types of foam from various factories in the United States.

Layer One

The top layer of the mattress is a latex foam layer that is 1.5 inches in height. This layer is made from Dunlop latex foam, a high-quality latex material that ensures the mattress provides the user with a perfect level of comfortability.

The latex foam layer also helps to control the temperature of the mattress and helps to keep the user cool during the night. This is my personal favorite layer as I have always experienced a poor sense of temperature control in my previous mattresses.

Layer Two

The second layer is made with memory foam. Memory foam has become quite popular throughout the world due to the support it can provide a user. This layer is also 1.5 inches in height. Since memory foam is known to retain heat during the night, it was added below the top latex layer in order to avoid this from happening.

This layer helps to provide additional support and offers relief of pressure that is put upon the mattress by the user’s body weight.

This mattress ensure a good night sleep

Layer Three

Originally, the third layer was the base of the mattress. Two years of the launch of the mattress, the company improved its mattress design by adding a third layer from the top that helps to ease the transition from the top two layers into the mattress’s base layer. This layer is made from polyfoam and it is called the “support layer”. It is also 1.5 inches in height, similar to the top two layers.

Layer Four

Finally, the bottom layer is a 5-inch poly foam layer. This layer is the mattress’s foundation and it supports the first three comfort layers of the mattress.

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Pros and Cons of the Casper Mattress


The mattress provides a user with a selection of the best features that are offered by some of the best mattress types but also eliminates the negative features that are associated with these mattress types.

For example, the mattress offers the comfortability and support of memory foam but eliminates the fact that memory foam is known to retain heat during the night by adding a layer of latex foam on top of it.

The level of comfortability that is offered by the Mattress is on a different level than many other mattresses can offer today. The mattress features four layers of foam that were specially selected after hundreds of different foam types were samples. The end result is four layers that perfectly complement each other in order to provide an unsurpassed level of comfortability and support.

It's a great mattress company

When the company behind the mattress samples foam types, they took the essential aspects of sleep comfortability and quality into consideration. The company considered the firmness, density, airflow, transition temperature and rebound speed of every foam type that they sampled.

The Casper Mattress is eco-friendly. For people who are actively involved in movements that act to save the planet, this is a huge plus. I also find this to be an excellent feature of the mattress.

The company used a mechanical fire sock that is made from silica threads, instead of flame retardant chemicals. The adhesive that is used to laminate the foams is made from a water-based substance that is Greenguard-certified.


I found the mattress does not have a high standard of edge support and I have found mattresses with better edge support at a lower price. The mattress isn’t really suitable for sitting on the edges and anyone who is used to sleeping as it sinks quite low on the edges, which also makes rolling off the bed rather easy.

The price of the Mattress is rather high. This, however, does not necessarily mean it is not worth the price. Considering the fact that the company went through so much trouble in order to come up with the perfect mattress formula, as well as the fact that they only use top-quality suppliers for all the materials that are used in the mattress, I consider the mattress an investment in my personal health and sleep.

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What’s in the Package?

Something I found quite fascinating about the package is its size. The entire mattress is compressed into a relatively small box. I was actually quite surprised when I received the package – how could a queen size mattress fit into a single box. After opening the package, the mattress decompresses and becomes full size without any harm or problems with its comfortability.

The mattress is also the only item that is found in the box. The fact that the mattress comes in a relatively small box also means that shipping is much cheaper when compared to the shipping of a full-sized mattress.

Would I Recommend The Mattress?

To answer the question “Would I recommend the Casper Sleep Mattress” to a friend – I would have to say yes, without any doubts. This mattress has made a real difference in how I sleep, how comfortable I sleep and how peaceful my nights are. The mattress fully supports my entire body and, even though it is not one of the firmest mattresses I have slept on, it does not cause me to sink to the bottom.

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What Kind Of Warranty Comes With The Mattress?

The Casper bed comes with both a trial period and a warranty. The 100-night trial allows a customer to buy the mattress and sleep on it for a total of 100 nights. If you are not happy with the mattress, then you can request a refund. The company will collect the mattress themselves and issue a full refund to the customer.

Apart from the 100-night trial, the mattress also comes with a 10-year guarantee. If you see any degrades within a 10-years timeline, you should immediately contact the company.

Final Thought

I have slept on many different mattresses. From regular foam mattresses to the spring-type mattress and even 100% memory foam mattresses. Most of them were very comfortable. But the level of comfort Casper Sleep Mattress has offered me exceeds all my previous experience.

The overall design is elegant and stylish. Also, the inside of the mattress features layers that perfectly complement one another. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking to buy a high-quality mattress that will support all sleep positions.

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