DynastyMattress Review: Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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DynastyMattress Review_ Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam MattressDynastyMattress is a great choice under $600 mattresses. Its multi-layered, gel-infused, special cool airflow and high-density foam work together which makes your sleeping bed super comfortable and luxurious relieving your pressure points and fatigue.


  • Long warranty.
  • Excellent temperature regulation.
  • Superb comfort levels due to the multi-layered structure.
  • Excellent reviews.
  • Good price.


  •    Initially feeling very firm
  •    Bad smell at the beginning

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What Makes DynastyMattress a Worthy Purchase?

Yeah, this mattress accommodates so many wonderful features to ensure a few amazing benefits for its users. So, let’s know all about them.

High-Quality Multi-Layer Provides Pain Relief and Support

The mattress is made with the innovation of 3 high-quality foam layers for the users’ right spinal alignment to cure the chronic back pain and necessary support. The 1st layer comes with 3″ Gel memory foam. Dynasty calls it the sleep cool technology foam which helps the mattress to adjust itself to the sleeper’s body bent. It also increases the cooling effect and supports better body weight.

Then the 4″ Cool Airflow Foam layer allows greater air circulation and reduces the overheating possibility. This layer collaborating with a 3-inch gel foam layer will provide its sleepers adequate airflow to ensure a luxurious whole night’s sleep.

Finally, 5″ High-density foam layer provides firm support. So, this layer working with the top gel memory foam layer takes away the pressure magically from different points of the body like hip, shoulder or back. As a result, you can’t but enjoy a deep sleep free from pain, aches, stress, and fatigue.

Moderate Firmness Makes the Mattress Good Fit for Comfort and Support

Since the mattress comes with the 5-inch high-density foam base support and another 4-Inch of the Cool-Airflow Foam Support, it can provide you medium-firm support. Besides working with the 3-inch gel foam, the mattress will ensure you such a luxurious comfort for the whole night deep slumber that you would feel like a spirit gets refreshed and energetic in the morning. Also, you will find you have no pain in any of your pressure points.

Quality Materials Brings Incredible Durability

Dynasty Mattress is a high-quality CertiPUR-US® certified mattress as it is made from all high-quality materials. Its 3″ Gel Memory Foam, 4″ Cool Airflow Foam, and 5″ High-density foam, all are premium materials. The mattress also comes with a rich white quality cover with brown suede on the edge. It also owns a quality zipper cover and fire barrier which ensures fire safety for you. So, it’s sure that the mattress is very durable and you can certainly rely on it for a long period of time.

Budget-Friendly Mattress

The mattress is budget-friendly. And you will feel it better when you compare its price with other similar types of a memory foam mattress. But surprisingly it doesn’t compromise with its quality.  Moreover, you will get two gel pillows if you buy this affordable but quality mattress.

Excellent Period Warranty

Since the manufacturer makes a quality product, they never mind providing their users a long time warranty period and trial period with their products. It is not exceptional with DynastyMattress-Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. The mattress comes with an incredible 3o year limited warranty period. You can also enjoy the 120 days trial period. It means if you are not satisfied with the mattress within this time period, you can return it. It is certainly an excellent option when you are going to invest in a mattress for your comfort and pain relief.

Final Verdict

When your pain relief, comfort, and support are the main issues with your bed but struggling with the budget, DynastyMattress, Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a great solution for you. This high-quality durable mattress will serve you years after years ensuring excellent sleeping experience and relieving your pain.

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