Eco Terra Mattress Review – Best Organic Mattress Available on the Market

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Eco Terra latex organic mattress is currently the best option for you because the mattress is made with 100% natural latex and pocketed coils besides featuring an organic-cotton cover. So, it is highly effective for your pressure relief, spinal alignment and a deep sensation of super softness to create a cooling surface for your sweet night or day sleep.


  •    Effectively pressure relieving
  •    Affordable
  •    Provide nice spine alignment
  •    Great motion isolation
  •    Durable and eco-friendly


  •    Many feel it too firm

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Features and Build Quality of the Eco Terra Mattress

As an eco-friendly mattress, the Eco Terra has many benefits to offer you. To explore a few of them, read the article top to bottom and learn if it really suits your needs and demands.

Confirms Comfortable and Luxurious Night Sleep & Relieve Pressure Point

Comfortable sleep with relieving pressure points is a matter to you. Right? Eco Terra is the king here with its 3 inches deep 100% natural latex top layer. This top layer will create a super sensation of softness and deliver you a moderate cool sleeping surface. So, its result is amazing. You will feel such a comfort and luxury being relieved from pain point as if you were in fairyland.  

Calibrated Coils Minimize Motion Transfer

The next wonderful feature with the mattress is its calibrated coils which help the mattress to provide the right amount of bounce and support. So, you will not lightly be disturbed while sleeping although your partner moves frequently in the bed.

Besides the coils are wrapped in fabrics and calibrated in such a way that the mattress will add extra comfort and support providing relief to the pressure points. It will also keep your spine in the right alignment so that you can enjoy better sleep throughout the whole night.

Soft Support from the Responsive Top Layer

Want to feel the comfort from your head to toe while sleeping? Don’t worry. The mattress will offer you moderate level support and bounce from its super soft responsive top layer. It can do it to its fullest because the mattress has individually wrapped coil core under the soft latex top layer.

So, when you will roll over on the bed, the mattress is highly capable of minimizing motion transfer as it will not move an inch. Thus the bed will give you a luxurious feeling while you are on the bed to sleep.

Also, the mattress coil construction will provide you good edge support. So, there is no possibility of a sudden collapse when you will sit on the bed’s side.

EcoTerra Natural Latex Mattress

Ensure Cooling Surface by Natural Fibers

Eco Terra is unique in the case of using natural fibers. Yeah, this mattress is made using natural fibers in every layer. Already you know that the top layer of the mattress has been constructed from 100% organic latex. So, the bed is felt very soft, cool and comfortable. Additionally, the mattress owns an organic cotton cover to enhance the lovely cooling bed surface.

Then, what we find? We find the Eco Terra has used a coil construction under the latex layer. This coil core coming with hundreds of fabric-encased coils will enhance the air circulation throughout the mattress perfectly. So, it’s sure you can’t but enjoy a cooler sleep experience than a foam mattress.

It will also greatly decrease the motion transfer. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried if your partner has a habit of moving around the bed or leaving it frequently. You will not feel a little bit disturbances.

Long Lasting

As you know the mattress is made out of high-quality natural raw materials in the USA, it’s sure it will stay with you for an incredibly long time than a synthetic one. Moreover, you can customize its different layers. It will also increase its overall lifespan.

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Natural Latex and Elasticity Makes the Mattress Healthy and Safe

Since the mattress has been constructed from the natural latex, it carries anti-bacterial, anti-dust, hypoallergenic and natural elasticity. So, it’s a great pleasure for you that besides enjoying a springier feeling because of its elasticity, it will offer you a healthy bed. As a result, there is no possibility of being the victim of any germs or allergies. Rather, when you wake up early in the morning, you will feel refreshed and relaxed.

Also, the mattress is safe against fire as it is knitted from the cotton threads which don’t catch fire. Generally, we find chemical substance is used to make a mattress fireproof that is very harmful, especially for the children. But with this Eco Terra mattress, you don’t need to think with this issue as it is fully made through a natural process. As a result, the off-gassing possibility is also very low with this organic mattress.

An Extended Period of Warranty

Another comfortable thing with this mattress is its 15-years-long warranty period. Further pleasure for you is that you can enjoy a 90-day sleep trial period. So, you have the opportunity to test the mattress if it is perfect for you or not or simply can fulfill your demand.

What are the Negative Sides of Mattress?

Nothing is free from drawbacks. Yep, everything has a few faults. So, the natural Mattress is not exceptional in this regard but that is very little. If you go through the users’ experience, you will find a few people who get it uncomfortable. Some others get it heating up their back, a few others blame its medium firmness. But surprisingly most of the users are happy with this eco-friendly mattress.

Final Verdict

Now you know all about Eco Terra Mattress and what benefits it can offer you. But I can say when you are looking for a best organic mattress; certainly, Eco Terra has the full right to claim your best favor. So, to enjoy soft night’s sleep and have a perfect solution for pressure point, buy this one without any confusion. Surely, it will make you happy.

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4 thoughts on “Eco Terra Mattress Review – Best Organic Mattress Available on the Market”

  1. The Amazon Customer who mentioned that this mattress uses a chemical named as polyurethane actually shows a picture of the label listing 10% polyurethane. Isn’t it suppose to be clean and organic?

  2. No luck trying to contact Eco Terra directly to find out about their mattress materials. Based on my experience I’d skip this mattress and look for a more transparent company.

  3. I have the Eco Terra Mattress – it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on! It’s made with 3 inches of 100% natural latex on a pocketed coil core with an organic cotton cover. There is no polyurethane in this mattress and it is not mentioned on the law tag either. Also, their customer service is wonderful and helpful, if you have any questions. Best purchase I ever made.

  4. I had an email discussion with acustomer service rep from ecoterra. I attached the picture of the bed tag that was posted on Amazon. The rep said they have updated their materials and what is on Eco terra’s website reflects what is actually in the bed. I tried to follow up to clarify, asking if the reviewer was talking about a previous model, and I got no further reply. I will try to phone them for what it’s worth. Too much conflicting information and it’s making me uncomfortable. Too bad, cuz I like the bed.


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