Emma Mattress Review [Does it really justify all the hype?]

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Emma Mattress Review [Does It Really Justify All The Hype_] (1)

Are you having some difficulty while sleeping, such as soreness or aching? If yes, then you have probably brought the wrong mattress that doesn’t have memory foam benefits.

Emma memory foam mattress is the signature of all-foam mattress from European bedding brand called Emma. German engineers design it, and it has a special combo of foams so it can provide you all-encompassing sleeping experience. It has achieved the highest score from European mattress test associations since it has anti-motion transfer capabilities.

With a reasonable price, durable parts, and heating transfer abilities, this mattress allows you to remain in bed all the time. As you are so cautious, especially when buying your mattress, you need to know many corners with the pros and cons of your product.

So today we are going to cover the  Emma Mattress review and in the final part talks about the best integral part motion transfer benefits.

Emma vs Casper mattress

Both of them are producing advanced mattresses at an affordable price. You may think these two have similar features. However, the Emma mattress USA is one step ahead of the US mattress lovers. How does it?

When you read the Casper mattress review, you will come to know that the mattress has a combination of memory and polyfoam. The Emma mattress uses too. So the difference comes with the Micro coils.

Do you know what substances work to respond with pressure points? They are poly foam and micro coils. So Emma has both that’s the reason we recommend you to go with Emma mattress.

How do they work?

The top layer is the nitty-gritty part that performs to withstand other layers to be clean and tidy even after a lot of use. Finally, you can see there are three layers that act as the core of this mattress.

The top two layers are made from foam and the second layer of it is memory foam, the most integral part out of three.

The final layer was designed to eliminate the back pain and minimize the heat with motion transfer.

The layers the company described in their official site are:

  1. It has an air comfort cover that is breathable
  2. Airgocell foam layer allows for extra suspension
  3. The superb durable visco-elastic memory foam layer
  4. HRX material layer
Emma Mattress Review

Based on that, let’s have a look at the key features of Emma

  • It has Airgocell foam layers which perform for better body movement and maximize the comfort with body pressure
  • Visco-Elastic Memory Foam layer allows to distribute pressure evenly and adapt with individual body’s contours.
  • HRX material layer provides the counter pressure and alignment for shoulder support and lowers back
  • Breathable air comfort cover allows the air circulation and gives an outlandish look

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Emma Mattress Construction

Emma mattress is made from high-grade memory foam along with a nice range of layers. The double layers make you comfort and eliminate your heat and sweat.

Let not forget to tell you about the extra lower back alignment and shoulder support of this foam, which will help you to kick out all type of aching and soreness. So you can assume Emma mattress back pain reliever type of mattress.

The mattress cover is durable as it is made from 99% polyester and 1% elastane, as a result, it won’t shrink whenever you will wash it using the washing machine.

In this Emma mattress guideline, we came to the crucial part to discuss each and every part. So let’s see below:

Emma Mattress
  1. Cover: The cover is made of polyester blend, which is removable and machine-washable. You may ask why they made the cover out of polyester? It is due to natural heat-dispersing particles along with better breathability.
  2. Comfort Layer: Airgocell foam with 1.5 inches used as a top comfort layer, and it responds quickly to take the pressure. On the other hand, when you will let yourself fall in the bed, you can find your tension is reliving gradually. Also, it has an airflow feature that will decrease your body heat too.
  3. contour layer: The most integral part is the memory foam which lies in the contour layer for around 2″ in size. This is the favorite part for sleepers as it offers with pressure-relieving softness. Let us tell about again about the memory foam, it is famous for its sinking, and you can feel the comfort once you have it in your mattress.
  4. Foundation Layer: Polyfoam used in the base of this mattress which is around 8″, so you can see this portion is dense out of others. In addition, it is durable and provides support material. Moreover, it supports the above layers, especially memory foam, so you have a great sleeping experience.

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Does it help with the different parts of your body?

One of the main reasons people want to have the best mattress from the market is for their health benefits. The mattress should have some number of benefits regarding different parts of your body they are:

Back: Did you ever notice with your existing mattress that it is properly contouring or sink your back? The memory foam does the main job for it. Emma mattress focuses on the memory foam so that you can make sure your back part of the body properly takes the rest.

You will get help for your spine from the foam contouring and the lower back of the cushion. As a result, you may find it super comfy at the same time the Aigocell layer provides it with adequate bounce. Therefore, you can enjoy to let you fall onto the bed.

Side & spine: A pressure point is an important thing to consider while buying any mattress. Probably, you feel pressure from your elbows and hips whenever you will be sleeping at the side of your body. Therefore, you need to check out whether your mattress is fully supportive of it or not.

Good news for Emma user is it has a dense cushioned memory foam layer that allows for protecting you from pressure points. Besides, it has health benefits while you will be in bed for a long time as a side sleeper.

Overall, you may feel quite cozy and comfortable in your position as it has spine support too

Stomach: the First-time user feels themselves as their hips go dip into the soft memory foam layer. Great experience indeed! Here the Airgocell layer wins the game to defeat the pressure of the hips while you will go in a prone position. The extra bounce feeling causes stomach problems sometimes using this mattress; you can get relief for sure.

Motion transfer benefits:  In the beginning, we’ve already told you the most important role of any mattress that is motion transfer. No review of any mattress works out if the author doesn’t talk about it.

Want to test how it works? Then go and jump on your bed or you can drop an 8 kg of steel ball from the heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured whether is it jump off from the bed or not.

We’ve tested with the motion transfer, and we found that Emma has a low motion transfer that is great news for the couples in the bed. So let not worry and jump onto the bed as the mattress will not respond against the fall.

Final Thought:

Imagine yourself that one day you come from your office and you were restless and fatigue and simply fall into the bed. Thankfully the mattress was Emma and due to having its memory foam and low motion transfer you don’t feel like “AWW” and suddenly started sleeping.

Yes, this is all about the key benefits of having the Emma Mattress at your home, and hopefully, from our Emma mattress review, you get it through your head.

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