How long do memory foam mattresses last?[Pros and Cons]

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On average, a memory foam mattress can provide a better night of sleep for 10 to 12 years to its users. And if the mattress is made from high-quality dense memory foam then it can last even longer. The memory foam mattress is the best to provide a comfortable night of sleep, especially to the people suffering from any chronic pain or insomnia. This guide will let you know the lifespan, pros, and cons of a memory foam mattress.How long do memory foam mattresses last

Memory Foam Mattress Lifespan

When you’re in the market for buying a mattress, the first thing you should consider the durability of a mattress. A mattress should be durable enough that can provide a better and more comfortable sleep after a long exhausting day for many years to come. And compared to other foam mattresses on the market, the memory foam mattress is durable. A memory foam mattress can last for 10-12 years on average.

The memory foam mattress is made from high-quality viscoelastic foam that makes the mattress durable. And depending on the material usually, the lifespan varies. Also, this foam is very soft and offers a comfortable night of sleep. Though the average lifespan is 12 years, a memory foam mattress can last for more than 15 years for you if you take care of the mattress.

The Pros and Cons of the Memory Foam Mattress

Apart from the durability of the mattress, it has some pros and cons. So let’s discuss what are the pros and cons of a memory foam mattress –


  • Better sleep – Sleep is very important for our health – all of us know this. Only a best-quality mattress can provide you better sleep at night that you deserve, and a memory foam mattress is the best at giving you this. As the memory foam mattress is made from a high-quality foam material that offers a good sleep.
  • Reduce pain – If you’re suffering from any chronic pain then you should buy a memory foam mattress. The memory foam mattress has body-contouring properties. And according to your body shape the mattress contour you and you’ll get a pain-free restful night of sleep.
  • Helps to improve the spine alignment – Consider your spinal health while buying a mattress. And choose the mattress that can keep your spine aligned properly. When your spine is aligned, this also helps to reduce the pressure points on the body, as well as, you’ll feel less pain on the back, shoulder, neck or hip. A memory foam mattress can improve your spine as the mattress is firm.
  1. Motion transfer –You may spend many sleepless nights because of the tosses and turns of your sleeping partner. If your partner tosses and turns the whole night you can choose a memory foam mattress. A memory mattress reduces the motion-transfer and gives a good night of sleep.


  1. When you buy a new memory foam mattress this will be firm. And for a few days, you may not sleep comfortably on this. Just like other things, your mattress also needs a little time to adjust. So no worry and give the mattress time to adjust.
  2. The memory foam mattress responds to the body heat so you can sleep hot on the mattress. To make the mattress feel good to sleep, adjust the room temperature or you can buy a cooling-gel memory foam mattress topper.

Final thoughts

A memory foam mattress can last for 12 years on average. And if you take proper care of the mattress then this can last up to 15 years or more. People like the memory foam mattress for its body-contouring properties and durability. You choose a memory foam mattress if you want to buy a durable and comfortable mattress.

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