How to clean a mattress topper? #5 Effective solution

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Cleaning your mattress topper requires some basic tactics which you can’t avoid. At the same time, you need to know every possible means to wash the topper right away. For that, we sorted out a few of them and more or less we all of us practice these processes while washing out the memory foam mattress. While you will read the end of this blog post, hopefully, you will come to know how to clean a mattress topper safely.

Basic things to know about cleaning your mattress topper:

  • Make sure, you place your mattress at the right place for cleaning and drying
  • Keep two or three soft towel or cotton cloths
  • Use a mild detergent on those clothes which are known as abrasive
  • For spot cleaning, you can spray a bottle of detergent
  • Vinegar is a natural and effective source of washing.
  • Finally, a handheld vacuum cleaner would be the ultimate cleaner machine that can go across everywhere of the topper mattress
  • Now, make sure using a dryer

Learn how to clean a mattress topper

1.Vacuum and wash your mattress topper

While washing the mattress topper, the first way is vacuuming it. For that, we will suggest you use any powerful handheld vacuum that will save your effort to wash it. Besides, make sure to attach any soft brush with it. The vacuum machine is pretty effective to collect the dust, mite, and debris, and any sort of particles that is hidden to the mattress.

2. Spot cleaning

Instead of cleaning the whole mattress topper, you may need to focus on the specific place for spot cleaning. Maybe, your kid had an accident with something while eating and playing on the bed and fell something inadvertently. However, you clean the mattress topper last week, now you need to do the same. No worries. the spot cleaning will save your time and effort.

These are the following steps that we recommend you to do:

  1. Vacuum the place: As we mentioned to you earlier how to vacuum the mattress topper so you have already got to know. But now you are not going to deal with the whole mattress rather you will do the same thing only for the affected place. The handheld massager would be convenient to remove the accumulations of the wrong spots whether it would be ink of a pen or any stubborn thing.
  2. Spot clean: Leaving the whole surface of a mattress topper you can just pay attention to the specific areas and go through the spot cleaning using a few drops of liquid soap or detergent. By the way, you can use a sponge and add some detergent with it, and soak into the water. After that simply rub around the spot and see the results. The vinegar would be great and you can try it out along with the soft towel. Make sure, you don’t rub with hard hands that may cause to damage your mattress topper.

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3. Applying the detergent

Some detergent really works and those do not cause any effect to your topper mattress. While using it, don’t use more than enough amount of detergent or don’t spill all the liquids on your mattress topper. Instead of it, you can use a damp cloth and apply detergent, or spraying the liquids would be great. By the way, some detergent or liquids are poor and applying them neither effective nor remove the debris, mite, or dust. Alternatively, it may cause damage to your mattress topper. So, be careful while you use the detergent and thus don’t compensate for the quality.

4. Rinsing with water

As you have applied the detergent on your topper mattress now you need to spray a bottle of water across the surface of it. Therefore, the detergent will go across almost everywhere of it and even clean out the whole topper mattress. You can also use some soft towels to make sure of the same thing instead of it.

5. Odor Removal

What happens, if your topper mattress looks clean but it smells weird? It could happen when your topper mattress is not well maintained and you are occasionally vacuuming. You should come to know that your skin cells bring out many invisible kinds of stuff, that weigh 12 ounces every month. These particles cause odor to the topper mattress. By the way, the sweat emits from your body at night and sink into the topper mattress is another consequence of odor into the topper.

Hence, you need to do some special care to remove it. You may clean out your mattress and the odor still remain there so the above-mentioned process to clean your topper mattress won’t enough to remove the odor in the same way. In that case, baking soda comes effective and leaves it to the topper up to 5 to 8 hours depending on the odor. Hopefully, it works to remove that odor, and after that do the same with the opposite of your topper mattress.

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Things you need to avoid while cleaning the mattress topper

If you have done with the cleaning stuff, it doesn’t mean you are on the safe side unless you make sure to dry out properly. If you fail to do so and moisture left inside the memory foam of your topper that may cause mildew.

Now it makes sense to you and you are serious about drying out your topper. But using your hairdryer doesn’t keep it closer to your topper and set the settings at low because the high heat leads to damaging the topper surface.

So when you don’t have the dryer and place it right under the direct sunlight, the consequences won’t come out good. The direct sunlight is not as good as you assume to dry out rather it may cause to damage your topper. Instead of it, you can keep it under the shade but make sure the airflow is adequate over there so that, it soaks up the water and avoid heat.

Stay completely away from using the hydrogen peroxide on the surface of the topper directly as it will damage the color and texture of the memory foam. Besides, do not put tumble dryer inside mattress topper. Last but not least, try not to use hot water in order to clean the memory foam of your topper.

Final Words:

Cleaning your topper mattress is not an occasional thing. Make sure, you clean it off and stay safe. Before reading this article you may be asked yourself, can mattress toppers be washed? Now pretty sure, you got all the points on how and why you need to do so. The vacuuming process is the most effective one here also you can try out the manual depending on how dedicated cleaning required.

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