LinenSpa 8 Inch Hybrid Mattress Review

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Are you suffering from back pain and body aches after waking up in the morning? This mattress can be the best solution for your relief providing you luxurious comfort and necessary back support. And it has been possible for the mattress because The LinenSpa 8-inch is built with the combination of memory foam and spring coils.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable and luxurious
  • Pressure-relieving
  • Effectively supportive


  • Too firm to some users

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Build Quality of the LinenSpa 8 Inch Mattress

There are many amazing features with the mattress to make it comfortable and supportive. Let’s know about them.

Cozy Top Layer

First of all, the manufacturer has used three layers in the mattress to make it happen. The very first layer comes with the memory foam of 1.5 inches which is carefully quilted to the mattress cover. This section will provide you such a luxurious and cozy feel that you will fall into a deep slumber as soon as you lay down on the bed.

Comfort Foam Layer

Then the comfort foam layer has been used in the mattress which conforms to the body shape nicely and absorbs the pressure points throughout the whole body of the sleeper. Thus this 2nd layer increases the overall comfort and coziness of the sleeper.

6-Inch Tempered Spring Coils

The 3rd layer comes with the 6-inch spring coil which is nicely encased in a felt cover. It will absorb the hard portion of the spring and provide you a springy bounce besides ensuring the airflow throughout the mattress. So, you will feel the surface cool. Thus this feature will prevent the temperature rising of your body in summer or warmer days to ensure your luxurious slumber.

LinenSpa 8 Inch Hybrid Mattress Review

Quality Materials Ensures Maximum Durability

LinenSpa never compromises with the quality because they use high-quality raw materials. It is also proved by the CertiPUR-US certification. So, it’s sure the mattress will come to you with the maximum durability if you get it.

And therefore the manufacturer never minds to provide you a 10-year warranty period. If you find any manufacturing defect with the mattress or other problems, the manufacturer guarantees that they would repair or replace the mattress. Even they are committed to refunding if any serious issue is found with the mattress.

What Benefits the Mattress offers?

Provide Maximum Sleeping Comfort

As I told you earlier, the LinenSpa 8-inch mattress is featured to say goodbye to your struggling aches. Also, the back pains providing the support to the main pressure points of your body, it is super comfortable. In the morning you will find there is no pain in your pressure points whether it is in neck or shoulder or back and hip. So, the mattress will ensure you a luxurious whole night sleep. Even you will feel recharged and refreshed in the morning relieving from extreme fatigue and tiredness.

Nicely Distribute your Body Weight

LinenSpa can evenly distribute the body weight or the sleeper’s weight because of its high-quality comfort foam layer. When you lay on the bed, you will find your weight will be distributed across the bed equally and absorbed every portion of your body fully. So, you can’t but enjoy a cozy comfort lying on the bed.

Relieve Pressure Points

The mattress is highly capable of relieving your pressure points in any portion of your body. And it has been possible because of its comfort foam layer. The layer conforms the body shape nicely in any of your sleeping position and thus absorbs the pressure points and promotes the comfort and luxury level.

Great Motion Isolation

Since the mattress owns a memory foam layer, it can greatly absorb the motion transfer with the bed. So, if your partner moves a lot, you will not feel a little bit of disturbance. Rather you will enjoy deep sleep.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

The Linspa mattresses are eco-friendly because of its high-quality raw materials. And as a result, it will not create any threat to the health or environment. Therefore the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified which ensures that it doesn’t come with any harmful chemicals or elements which can be dangerous for your health or the environment.

Final Verdict

Eco-friendly LinenSpa 8 is certainly a good decision and worth the money.

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