LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed with a Memory Foam Mattress Review

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LUCID Rollaway Guest BedIt is a well-known fact that visitors are inevitable in a very peaceful abode since they’ll make your home a happy place, and this defines that you have a good connection with different people such as good relationships with your relatives and close friends.

For those who welcome their guests significantly, there’ll be times when they will be accommodated fully to the point where they can feel at home. It is a great thing to show your guests that you can accommodate them fully at your home, and you can even make them feel more comfortable by providing them a room with a comfortable mattress like LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed to spend their night.

The LUCID Memory Foam Mattress is known to be one of the best rollaway bed which you can get if you want to accommodate your guests fully since it is actually very useful for accommodation purposes. Rollaway guest memory foam mattress is soft and ultra-supportive with the durable spring suspension and the medium plush 4-inch memory foam.

Key Features of LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed

  • The Rollaway guest mattress is soft and ultra-supportive
  • This bed is safe for children
  • CertiPUR-US certified memory foam
  • Warranty for 25 years

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Pros and Cons of LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed


  • Memory foam offers a high level of comfort
  • The LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed with a Memory Foam Mattress comes in a mini-package that makes storing easy.
  • The folding feature makes this bed easily transportable.
  • It also has a low bouncy feeling due to the suspensions that are helical in nature.
  • The full-size is around 74 X 31 inches with a 4-inch memory foam mattress that’s quite comfortable


  • This kind of bed comes in packages that make it essential first to assemble the bed every time for use. This makes it a time-consuming task. In addition, the bed isn’t available in a full package.

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LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed With A Memory Foam Mattress Review

If you are interested when it comes to getting this superior mattress, and rest assured that your guest will love this kind of bed indeed. Go ahead and read the detailed review to find what this guest bed has to offer for you.

Comfortable Features of LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed

Quality Of Sleep And Value For Money

When you choose to buy a portable and compact guest bed, the most essential features to look at are the comfort it offers, the quality of build, and how easy it’s to the assembly for use and disassemble for storage. At this point, it’s also vital to determine the value of your money the bed provides by weighing the cost versus the quality of sleep it offers.

The LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed uses a spring suspension that offers a firm, comfortable, and contoured sleeping surface which doesn’t sag, regardless of your body weight.

This means that the bed provides a high quality of sleep that you can weigh against the retail price and other choices to determine if it’s perfect for you.

The designers of this bed made it a perfect choice for use not only in the guest rooms in your homes but also in the dorms, vacation homes, and anywhere else an additional bed is needed. The bed is also very easy to maintain since you can extract its covers and wash them separately.

When it isn’t in use, the bed folds into the compact rollable fold-up which can be stored inside closets, garage, and even behind the cabinets. Its design boasts a storage strap that comes in handy when it needs to be transported over a long distance or when your foam needs to be secured for long-term storage.

With its rayon bamboo cover, LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed with the Memory Foam Mattress Bed is perfect for use even by individuals with the sensitive skins, and the temperature-regulating properties of the bamboo make this bed ideal for use during the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

Its typical cot-sized design means that every cot-sized sheets will fit on your foam with a low effort of spreading.

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High Durability

Its suspensions can support different weight measurements so that it’ll never get ruined and will guarantee you comfort for everyone who tried this one out.

Not only the strings but also the quality metal materials ensure a perfect way to make your bed so comfortable for a very long period. Expect that this portable bed will assure you a perfect way to make things better for you, and it’ll really last for several years at your home.

Easy to Store

Need to host an extra guest? Give them the great hospitality of a comfortable bed which is very convenient for you to store. This rollaway bed folds up for easy transportation and storage, and the memory foam mattress will offer your guest the comfort they require for a good night’s rest.

The rayon from the bamboo cover is perfect for sensitive skin and will assist to regulate sleeping temperature. The bed frame is twelve inches high with eleven inches of clearance.


Since you can place this in various areas of your home is actually convenient for your guests due to its dimensions.

Also, it is a lightweight guaranteeing you a perfect way to bring this bed around your house, plus you’ll be able to store this appropriately in your vehicle or even in your closet if there is sufficient space.

Final Verdict

The LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed is a mini-bed which is easy to assemble and disassemble and saves precious space in storage.

Since it’s designed for high comfort and durability, the foam, and the frame quality is irreproachable and offer unmatched value for your money as compared to what the competitors have to provide or even what standard beds have to offer. The full-sized bed measures 74 X 31 inches and can also support the weight of up to 300 lbs.

If you purchase this bed, rest assured that your visitors will love experiencing a fine way to enjoy a great evening or slumber parties with you and your family with the help of this foldable bed from one of the greatest providers of comfort on the web. This is a trustworthy bed that is really fit for your trustworthy relatives and friends!

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