Lucid 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Dual-Layered Mattress Review

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Lucid 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Dual-Layered Mattress ReviewLucid 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Dual-Layered Mattress is firm enough to support you in your desired sleeping position. Besides, it can nicely distribute the sleeper’s weight across the soft surface to keep the pressure points safe as well as protected and ensure the whole night comfortable sleep.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Luxurious and comfortable
  • Pressure-relieving
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use


  • Too firm to some users
  • Non-waterproof mattress cover

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Build Quality and Comfort of the Lucid 10-Inch Mattress

Although it’s a budget-friendly one the manufacturer didn’t forget to accommodate so many handy features to make the mattress high-quality one. So, without wasting time, let’s know what about the build quality and comfort the lucid mattress offers you:

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Layered Design Provides Right Support

Solid sleep support is crucial when you are craving for good whole night sleep. Also, right support from your bed is vital for minimizing your pressure points, reducing back pain, ensuring proper spine alignment and also isolating motion transfer.

Here Lucid 10-inch is the king. Its 7.5″ high-density foam collaborating with 2.5″ gel infused ventilated memory foam surface ensures excellent support for a medium feel. Also, the gel-infused memory foam regulates the temperature nicely conforming to the sleeper’s whole body. Thus it can fairly ease all the pressure points aligning the spine properly and creates a comfortable air layer for your whole night better sleep.

Besides the super-soft memory foam layer can create a sensation and cradle your whole body to feel super luxury and comfort. As a result, you will wake up in the morning getting refreshed and recharged.

Eco-Friendly and Safe to Use

It’s my pleasure to let you know that the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified which confirms the mattress is environmentally friendly and safe to use. The certification indicates that the mattress is free from prohibited synthetic, lead, phthalates or natural latex, mercury, CFCs, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, PBDEs and heavy metals. As a result, using the mattress protects not only the environment but also its user’s health.

Thus Lucid 10-inch is naturally hypoallergenic. So, it can ensure better sleep resisting dust mites, mildew, mold, and airborne allergies for those who are suffering from allergies. Besides the mattress’ soft and plush velour cover resists allergies for your sweet sleep creating a super sleeping environment.

Open Cell Technology

The mattress comes with an open-cell technology of memory foam which confirms enough air circulation throughout the mattress. What’s the benefit of this technology? The air circulation decreases the heat accumulation and keeps the mattress cool and comfortable. Especially it’s very useful in summer.

Another great benefit of this open-cell technology is that it can nicely reduce the motion transfer. So, if your sleeping partner is a restless one and often moves in the bed, you will not be disturbed a little bit. Rather, you will wake up in the morning being refreshed and recharged. Additionally, this technology makes the mattress durable and long-lasting.

Durability and Warranty

As the mattress is made from high-quality materials and using open cell technology, it’s certain that the mattress is long-lasting and extremely durable. Therefore, the manufacturer guarantees you a worry-free use period offering a long 10-year limited warranty period.

Final Verdict

Lucid 10″ Memory Foam is the great option for you because the mattress comes with an affordable price without compromising with quality. You can buy this super comfortable high-quality mattress under your budget to quench your thirst for a night of better sleep.

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  1. I see that Lucid is very popular for 10 and 12 inches gel memory foam mattresses! The prices are also very reasonable!

    I was not aware of this brand at the time when I purchased a Beautyrest mattress! In future, if I need a mattress, I will surely explore some good Lucid mattresses!


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