Ooler vs ChiliPad – Find the Best Bed Cooling System

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I am Jim Thomas and I am the editor of this blog. The sole purpose of this blog is to help people make an informed decision rather investing in a wrong Mattress.

Ooler Vs ChiliPadOOLER and ChiliPad, both are good at cooling or heating your mattress, but if you want the best one between them, our recommendation is the Ooler Sleep System.

See Why the Ooler Sleep System is the Best

  • OOLER is compatible with the app that is available on iOS and Android, but the ChiliPad is not. Now you can control the sleeping system from your cell phone.
  • It has a 30 oz water reservoir and the other has 13 oz. You can be relaxed for a week and when the water level is low, this will notify you. ChiliPad, besides, you may need to add water every 3 days, which is painful, also, it doesn’t have any lower water level alerts.
  • OOLER has integrated UV light that prevents bacteria growth in the water tank. Besides, ChiliPad may grow bacteria since it doesn’t include this feature. 
  • This sleeping system is built with a warm-awake feature, and it will gently warm the bed temperature that will trigger the sleeper’s body’s natural wake response to help you wake up. Unfortunately, this feature is missing on the other one. 

These were the major differences between OOLER and ChiliPad sleeping systems that made this one the best. 

Similar Features of Ooler and ChiliPad

  • These are water-based systems. 
  • OOLER and ChiliPad have a 55-115F temperature range. 
  • Both offer individual temperature control. 
  • They come with a washable hydronic layer. 
  • OOLER and ChiliPad have a two-year warranty.

Ooler vs ChiliPad – Quick Comparison

Specifications Ooler  ChiliPad
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Water Tank  30 oz 13 oz
Mass 9.5 lbs 10 lbs
UV Self-Cleaner Yes No 
Custom Scheduling Yes No 
Power 140W 170W
Warm Awake Feature Yes No 
Variable Fan Speed Yes No 
App-Controlled Yes No 
App Connectivity  Bluetooth 
Remote Controlled No  Yes
Remote Transmission Distance 20 ft
Water sensor alerts Yes No 
Voltage 100-240 VAC 90-230 VAC
Noise Level
  • Regular – 58-63 dBA
  • Silent – 51-56 dBA
  • Boost – 61-66 dbA
51-56 dBA
Dimensions 27.5 x 13.5 x 9.2 inches 19 x 13 x 13 inches
Care Tumble Dry, Machine Washable Tumble Dry, Machine Washable
Weight 36.5 pounds 17 pounds
Annual Power Consumption  500kWh/year 500kWh/year
Individual Temperature Control Yes Yes
Connection  8 ft Tubing 8 ft Tubing
Water-Based System Yes Yes
Temperature Range 55-115F 55-115F
Warranty Two Years Two Years

Differences and Similarities between Ooler and ChiliPad

Water-Based System

Water makes heating and cooling very effective because water has natural thermal advantages, according to research. With that in mind, the OOLER and ChiliPad build their sleeping system mattress pads. These two are adjustable water-based systems that you can place on your existing mattress. It will actively circulate water through the bed to ensure a comfortable night. 

They will come with a cooler pad, so you don’t need to buy a new one separately. Additionally, these two work with all types of mattresses. 

Water Tank

OOLER has a larger water tank reservoir than ChiliPad. It can hold 30 oz water, whereas the other one can hold 13 oz. You can be relaxed for a week and don’t take the hassle of pouring water. Also, the app has a water sensor alert that will notify you to lower your water level. 

ChiliPad, on the other side, may need to add water every 3 days because it has a small water tank. 

However, the OOLER also has an integrated UV light that prevents bacteria growth in the water tank. Unfortunately, this is not available on the ChiliPad.


Both come in a 55-155F temperature range that allows you to achieve quality sleep. 

OOLER provides sleep schedules, but the ChiliPad doesn’t. However, it lets you adjust the temperature throughout the night. Moreover, these two offer single and dual-zone options for individual sleep climates. 

OOLER is compatible with an app, and it has WE dual unit models so that you and your sleeping partner can set the different temperatures on both sides for a sound sleep. Besides, the ChiliPad has a remote control which also includes the individual sleep climates. 

Sleep Quality 

We spend one-third of our life sleeping, and this sleeping system’s main vision is to provide you the best sleeping experience. The active temperature-management systems let you sleep through the night since you can control the temperature to your needs. To get a magical sleeping experience, you can try one of them. 

Health Benefits

Both machines also have some health benefits that improve your sleep than before. These are designed with cold therapy to help reduce sleeplessness from night sweats or body pain, hot flashes, and menopause. Also, you can experience a more relaxing sleeping experience. 

Variable Fan Speed 

Ooler comes with variable fan speed, whereas the ChiliPad doesn’t. It has three-speed settings that are normal, silent, and boost. The higher fan speed settings can cool or heat the mattress pad. But it may not lower the temperature. 

However, the OOLER fan doesn’t make a noise like other traditional sleeping system machines. The noise level on this device is less than 45 decibels. At the same time, the ChiliPad noise level is more than 45 decibels. 

Control Unit

OOLER has an app for both iOS + Android devices. It lets you control the unit, cool or heat the mattress pad, ser schedule programs. Plus, you can set a warm-awake alarm in it. It also has manual control buttons that feature a variable speed fan. The fan makes white noise that is very convenient for sleeping. 

ChiliPad doesn’t have app control, instead, it comes with a remote. The remote functions are on/off and temperature up/down. And it is very easy to adjust the temperature with the remote control. It also includes the customized sleep climates for two people. 


They come with a 90-days trial period, including a two-year warranty. The return and warranty shipping are free. If these sleeping systems have manufacturer defects, they will repair the pad. 

Remember, it will take a few nights to adjust with a new mattress pad, and if you are not comfortable with them within 90-days, you can return the product and replace it with a new one. 

Final Words 

You can’t go wrong with the OOLER or ChiliPad, and each mattress pads have their pros and cons. But if you want a compact, advanced and smart pad, then you should pick OOLER.

But if you have a tight budget, and don’t want an intelligent pad, go with the ChiliPad.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ooler and ChiliPad

What are the Ooler and ChiliPad materials?

The OOLER pads material is Tencel fibers, while the ChiliPad material is Polyester blend.

What is the return policy of the ChiliPad?

It gives a 30-days trial period and covers a 2-years warranty.

Can I use my old mattress pad?

Yes, both sleeping system comes with a mattress pad that works will all mattresses, so you can use your old mattress pad.

Tell me the time to adjust to these beds?

You will need a few nights to get used to these pads. It depends on the temperature you like.

Can I control the functions on the OOLER without a cell phone?

Yes, you can control the temp up and down and on/off located on the unit. But if you place it under your bed, then you must need to use your phone.

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