Signs of a Bad Mattress – #4 looks inevitable

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I am Jim Thomas and I am the editor of this blog. The sole purpose of this blog is to help people make an informed decision rather investing in a wrong Mattress.

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It goes without saying that nothing lasts forever. Some products will last longer than others but that is not to mean that they don’t have a lifetime. Mattresses are no exception! We are often misguided by the notion that buying a mattress once is enough. Most people wait until their mattress is in tatters to replace it. Well, let us face it. The sad truth is that you knew that your mattress would come to an end at some point.

If you are waiting for the right time to dispose of your old, saggy mattress, then it may never come to pass. You may be reluctant to the fact that after a long stressful day, you still get a place to lay on. But has it ever occurred to you that now is the time?

So you may ask, how do I know that my mattress is no longer fit for me? Well, that is a good question. Here are signs that you need a new mattress.

Learn about how long does a mattress lasts and when is the right time to change it.

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Signs of a Bad Mattress

Back pains

If you wake up to body pains that don’t go away with a few stretches, then consider making a budget for a new mattress. A low-quality mattress doesn’t support your body right at night. This forces you to sleep in undesirable body positions that strain and twist your back

Snoozing and sneezing more than usual

Normally bed attracts dust mites, pollen, and household allergens. Don’t lie to yourself that your bed is free of bed mites because you clean it frequently. The reality is that every bed contains these creatures except for a latex of high-quality memory foam mattress.

Dust mites can cause respiratory and skin diseases eg asthma, sore throat, unusual sneezing, etc. Thus, think of replacing your old mattress as a precaution against lung infections

Better sleep on someone else’s mattress

Sleeping in the unfamiliar surrounding can be tough for most of the people. Therefore, if you sleep better and soundly when you are away from home, it is time to consider why.


When you sleep on a low-quality mattress, you most certainly get insufficient sleep. Even if you don’t realize it while sleeping, it is evident every time you wake up. With sufficient sleep, your body wakes up fresh which in turn improve your focus and concentration. Otherwise, I bet you are one those who hate their mornings because you wake up feeling drowsy which you can it on for the rest of your day.

Memory loss

Are you finding it hard to remember or recall newly learned things? If that is the case, it could be that you are not sleeping well. When you rest, your brain actively moves information from the short-term memory storage to long-term memory storage. Thus if your mattress doesn’t give you the comfort you deserve, it is without a doubt that you will have a restless night. Come morning and the rest of the day; you can barely recall anything. It is at this moment when you would consider kissing your old mattress goodbye.

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A bad mattress is your worst nightmare. Sleep well and enjoy your dreams by accepting the change. Save up and get rid of that old mattress. Now that you know how to tell that your mattress is no longer a good fit for your body to dig deeper and invest in a good mattress.

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