Velky Queen Comfort Bed Review – Perfect Sleeping Experience

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Velky Queen Comfort Bed Review

After a whole day of hard work, what do you expect more? Certainly, a super comfortable bed for your relaxation and sound sleep! Isn’t it? Here Velky Queen Comfort Bed can serve your purposes as the bed comes with perfect hardness and softness. It can nicely handle your body weight and spread it across the bed in the most convenient way.


  • Super comfortable and luxurious
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent motion transfer
  • Supportive and eco-friendly


  • Many feel it too firm
  • Bad smell after unpacking

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What Makes Velky Queen Comfort Bed a Good Choice?

Velky offers you excellent sleep experience as it owns many amazing features. It doesn’t compromise with providing ample of benefits to its users. So, let’s know what features and benefits the mattress offers to win your favor.

Design and Size of Velky

As Velky is always committed to ensuring your excellent comfort, it has been designed with 3 perfectly quilted layers to keep you cool. The top layer comes with a cool gel open-cell latex layer. This open-cell technology will take away the heat build-up to offer you an advanced level of comfort and relaxation.

Then the 2nd layer comes with responsive memory foam with perfect density.  So, this layer will add your comfort level distributing your body weight properly.

The 3rd layer coming with 6 inches high-density supportive base foam is highly capable of providing you excellent support. So, it’s sure you can’t but enjoy super support and super relaxation while sleeping on the bed.

And when you are thinking with for the size of the mattress, it’s useless as it is available in four sizes- Twin: 39″x 75″x 10″ – Full: 54″x75″x10″ – Queen: 60″x80″x10″ – King: 76″x80″x10″. You can take anyone which you need.

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The firmness of the Mattress

The mattress owns such a firmness which is not too soft and not too hard. So, it will provide you an accurate amount of bounce for your body and thus relieve your body pressure. Therefore, Velky is really a comfortable mattress which will reward you a perfect sleep experience after your whole day’s hard work.

Minimize Motion Transfer

When there comes the motion transfer issue, it’s simply wonderful with Velky. As the mattress will provide you the right amount of support for your sleeping position, your partner beside you may move frequently but surprisingly you won’t feel a little bit disturbances. So, it’s sure you can enjoy disturbing free whole night sleep when you want to take the mattress as your bed.

Besides the sinkage issue is excellent compared with other such types of the mattress as it can nicely spread the sleeper’s weight. It’s only half an inch if you are with medium weight. This is another point that you won’t experience any motion transfer.

Excellent Breathability and Environmentally Friendly

Do you want to sleep on the cloud of chemicals? Never and ever! Here Velky is great as it has been made without any synthetic materials. So, there is no harmful effect on your body as it is verified and certified by Certipur-US which confirms that the mattress is environmentally friendly and healthy and its breathability is also proved.

Fantastic Heat Releasing Capacity

Who wants to sleep on a bed sweating the whole night? No one. Generally, we find memory foam comes with heat retention issues. But here Velky is great. It can release the heat nicely absorbing from your body as it is made with a 2-inch latex layer using open cell technology. So, if you go with Velky, it is highly capable of providing you a cool surface to ensure your wonderful whole night sleeping experience.

Mattress Lifespan and Warranty

As the mattress is made from high-quality materials as Velky never compromises with quality, it will come to your bedroom with a long lifespan. And you can feel it from the 10-year manufacturer warranty. If you face any problem within this time period, I mean any manufacturing defect; they will provide you every service. Besides, if you buy it from Amazon, you can enjoy 30 days trial period.

Final Verdict

Velky Queen Comfort Bed can be your best choice when you don’t want to compromise with your comfortable sleep. The mattress bed will certainly give a good start for the next day recharging and refreshing you ensuring a deep sleep throughout the night.

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