What Causes Yellow Stains on Mattress and How to Clean Them?

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The yellow stain on a mattress is the toughest type of stain and it tends to be stubborn, while you don’t clean it. As a result, the more days pass away the more stubborn it would be. So make sure you clean it right away.

What Causes Yellow Stains on Mattress

This stain may come from your sweat, hear oil, bodily fluids, urine and food preservatives. The spot removing process is the best process while you don’t need to clean the whole mattress.

So how can you do it in the right way, and what things to bring to clean it? This question worth answering throughout the article so let’s go and solve it below.

Types of Yellow stain and how it comes?

Before removing the stain, you need to sort out the removal method depending on the type of stain. Normally, as we mentioned the yellow is the toughest stain ever that comes from sweat stains. When go to bed do you notice you are sweating? Maybe not but this is the main factor for the yellow stain. On the other hand, if you have a kid then the urine could be another reason for yellow discoloration.

Natural process

It is so far the safest way to clean the yellow stain. Yellow is a tough stain and thus may people want to use harsh chemicals. But to be honest, it may remove the stain but at the same time weaken your mattress durability. Such harsh chemicals should not use over and over again and you may use it as the final choice when no other ways come effective at all.

So the thing you should first consider is about natural cleaning using the baking soda, salt, and a little bit lavender. Now you will need a bowl, clean cloths, a strainer and finally a vacuum cleaner.

As you have everything to start the cleaning so now start with the cup of a baking soda and use a few drops of lavender oil and strain. Afterward, mix and shake it properly then spill it over the whole mattress. You can use your handheld vacuum as it works better to deal with mattress wash out.

On the other hand, you can do it manually too. In that case, the ingredients would be the same as baking powder, salt, and water. Now instead of vacuum rub it using your hands. While your hands go across every corner and edges of the mattress then keep it up to 30 minutes and then wipe it out using a damp cloth.

Chemical methods

When you fail to remove stain from the natural process then you may go with the chemical process. The main ingredients like the baking soda you have tried in the natural cleaning method that also comes here.

So, at first, you need to start with the baking soda like three tablespoons. After that, make sure you keep it into a cup and use a few drops of water on it and mix it with the hydrogen peroxide-not more than 3%. So when you have got all the solution now just stir it to stop when the baking soda is dissolved.

To ease cleaning we suggest you use a spray bottle. For that transfer the whole solution that you prepared into the spray bottle. Now spray the entire solution into the mattress and then take time to absorb it. Once it gets absorbed then take more time to let it dry, maybe it takes a couple of hours.

So when you can see it is perfectly done then blow the dryer over the mattress. You may use the hairdryer but make sure you set it as low. Besides, you set a fan to the highest speed for boosting up the process.

How to care your mattress to avoid stain?

If you want to avoid stain the first thing you need to do is to be cautious. Because any inadvertent situation may lead to getting a stain in your mattress. Apart from it, you can do some sort of things in which you can keep your mattress up to date, what are they? Let’s talk about on this below

If you have a mattress but you don’t care to clean it at least once in a year then now you need to consider this. We suggest you be more professional with your mattress cleaning and to be frank it is not that tough. You just need hot water extraction and the regular cleaning methods help to remove the dust, dirt and any harmful retardants.

Why not you try out changing sheets regularly. It really helps to remove the dead skin that comes from your body and the dust mites. For that, the vacuuming process would be effective so don’t need to wash out manually.

Using a protective mattress cover would be great while you want to avoid cleaning it, besides, you can reduce the prevalent bacteria, allergies, and stains. Besides, it works amazingly against the bed bugs.

If you have the stain but unable to wash it right now then make sure you flip the mattress as the other side of the mattress is clean and safe too.

Final words:

It is high time to deal with the irritating stain in your mattress. We have sort out the two ways, the first one is easy and natural and the second one is the ultimate way to clean it. We recommend you to go with the first process as the chemical may have some side effects however, it can definitely clean it. Most importantly, if you can avoid some these and that, then chances would be dramatically reduced not to get stains so save your mattress from the yellow stain.

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