What mattress is best for lower back pain? [Discover Now]

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I am Jim Thomas and I am the editor of this blog. The sole purpose of this blog is to help people make an informed decision rather investing in a wrong Mattress.

What mattress is best for lower back pain, is a question asked by many but did anyone ever find the answer that is a solution for all? Sadly, not.

Because different types of people obviously go for different mattresses. Some of us have a lightweight, heavyweight, use the mattress as a combo, single and dual. So depending on some factors, you need to find out a mattress that can lower your back pain and adjust your natural sleeping position.

Today, we delve into a number of determining factors to choose a perfect mattress lower back pain and introduce the two best mattresses in the market which can serve your maximum purposes.

Is your mattress responsible for your Lower back pain?

Yes, but it is including but not limited to especially when you are a bad sleeper and doesn’t improve your good sleeping posture. Typically, people are having lower back pain since they choose either too firm or medium-firm mattress. What if, they have chronic pain? Well, that’s a different story as the mattress is not responsible to reduce it.

Thankfully, your mattress can reduce your lower back pain but it can’t handle these situations if:

  • You are not practicing a good sleeping posture (Fatel position, side sleepers)
  • You have any trauma on your lower back
  • You have any physical disability

Now, what if your mattress causes lower back pain? Most importantly, whenever you wake up in the morning and come to know pain is hitting at your lower back, it indicates you have a wrong mattress.

Secondly, if you wake up unusually and tossing and turning all night and become helpless to get some adequate sleep, then blame your mattress too.

What pinpoints you should look for in any mattress

What mattress is best for lower back pain?

All of us have our different sleeping preferences, our age, weight and final question is “how do we use a mattress”? Suppose, do you sleep there alone, dual or combo? The firmness of any mattress is on the peak when you buy them and use them for the first couple of week. Day by day, the firmness get soften and become more adjustable for sleeping.

So, it is an exception to cause a lower back pain for them who have bought a new mattress. How do you evaluate it? Does it good to go or not?

Evaluate your mattress during the free trial: We recommend you to buy a mattress with a 100-night free trial so you can evaluate finally. Besides, you can make it faster too.

How is that?

Walk on your bed before you go to sleep or let your kid have fun on it. It really helps to make your mattress to soften and most importantly it behaves like it’s true nature.

Therefore, you can come to know within the 100 nights and if it doesn’t work out simply replace it.

Evaluate the firmness scale: Normally most mattresses come with medium firm type, however, there are a few exceptions.

Let’s talk with an unusual example at first, as they are the worst sufferer. We have seen obese people like 280 lb buy a medium-firm mattress just like others. A common mistake of them.

Normally, heavy people should go with a too-firm mattress that can sink them into the bed and allow more comfort on the pressure points like hips, neck and lower back. Moreover, the spine is a very sensitive place and causes trouble when the mattress becomes too soft, I mean less firm, in the opposite view.

Hence, the lower back won’t alone suffer here including the spine too.

Evaluate the foam type: When you will deeply analysis on the mattress. You will come to know about memory foam and latex one. As a result, you won’t find a way to make a difference between them.

How we differentiate between these two?

One comes to bounce back slowly when you will press your hand, that is memory foam and another has fast recovery after pressing and pushing called latex foam.

These two foam has its different purposes to serve also useful for two different types of users. We can assume the obvious fact comes to your mind now. Yes, one is too firm, that is Latex as it bounces back having the fast recovery time and another comes with slow recovery time when you push your hand deep inside the foam.

Depending on the firmness, you can choose any of them, but make sure exactly what firmness (Firm, Medium Firm or very Firm) can help you out.

Lucid vs Nectar

Both of these mattresses offer good night sleep and a lot of reviewers gave it many positive feedbacks. Let’s talk about Nectar and Lucid gel memory foam. The gel memory foam has more comfort and heat retention, more importantly, it can evenly distribute your weight. As we have already told you the memory foam comes with more comfort and contour support. Both of it has good free trial duration so you can replace it too. Overall both of it meets the standard of high-quality mattresses.

The differences we found between Lucid and Nectar:

For Lucid mattress, is it good to go other than Nectar? As you can see, both of this mattress has comfortable sleeping surfaces and provide a plush feel along with other competitive market features, so it is hard to find out one mattress as to rival for another. Since we have drawn your attention and will give you an answer to “What mattress is best for lower back pain.” Therefore, we can leave this article without set a conclusion.

We found one benefits of Lucid that the Nectar doesn’t have, what’s that? Muse is an amazing choice for the lucid mattress; especially it makes it firmer comparing to the Nectar. Therefore, if you are more then 300 lb, then you can prefer Lucid, a higher level of the supportive mattress. Additionally, muse helps you to retain a perfect heat at night. For example, if sweat comes out from your body easily, then it helps to make you sweat less.

If you have a hard time in your bed since your weight requires a bit firmer mattress comparing to the traditional mattress, then we will recommend you for Lucid mattress, a tough and firmer mattress in the market. You can try it as you have a free trial.

Final Verdict

If your lower back pain was hurting you, then you need to smart about a couple of things, including focusing on the mattress. Sleeping position, and having a good mattress are the two major things you should consider. We have shown you two best mattress that has been relieving lower back pain for many people. However, the Lucid has more firmness comparing to the Nectar. Again, it is good for them who is a bit weighty and looking for a firm mattress that can help their pressure point can reduce the lower back pain.

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