Where to donate mattress?”Improve Someone’s Sleep”

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Written By Jim Thomas

I am Jim Thomas and I am the editor of this blog. The sole purpose of this blog is to help people make an informed decision rather investing in a wrong Mattress.

If you are going to donate your mattress but still don’t know where to donate mattress then stick to us at the end. We are going to show you every best possible way to donate it right away.

First off, before donating your mattress, you need to make sure you don’t have the damaged mattress or any other glaring problems. Besides that, ensure the cover is firmly attached to the box springs and look over any stains left there or not. Donating a mattress is somewhat you can say like a refurbished mattress and thus someone is going to use it. Hence, it is important to keep it as good as you can.

Where to donate mattress now or never

We applause for your donation so we don’t want you to go through any hard time while donating a mattress. That’s why we are going to let you know 5 simple ways to donate your mattress now, so let’s see.

1. Salvation Army

Send your mattress to the Salvation Army just like most of the donators. This Salvation Army Organization is the most available option in every corner of the US, Uk, and Europe. So, this could be the best possible place to donate your mattress right now. This international organization is more than universal then you can imagine as they operate in 128 countries across the world. All you have to do is to locate their closest delivery point and notify them of your will. Maybe, you will find a friend who has already donated his mattress to it.

As you are using your mattress for a certain period and it is still usable, so there are no worries to give it to them. The good condition mattress will help you to get a good appraisal while donating.

Another reason we suggest you donate in the salvation army due to having the tax deduction. The good news is you will get this tax deduction offer in some countries, including the USA. While donating it, you are going to have tax-deduction from $15 to $75. This kind of initiative is truly inspiring to the doners.

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2. Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI)

HCHI is the second choice in our list which has been also working for a long time to provide affordable accommodation to many people internationally. Their area of serving people is incredible. However, they still need you because there are so many underprivileged people around the world who don’t even have any shelter to stay. Hence, the scope of donating mattresses would barely come to an end.

Let us tell you another important information that when you will donate a mattress to HCFI they will send it to the ReStore center. So you can contact the nearest ReStore to the department of their home improvement facility and then they will pick your mattress right away. However, if they don’t come to you, then go to them and drop it off.

So when HCFI collects the money from the ReStore, the ultimate reason is to help some people who can’t afford to live by them. The mattress may not necessary to all of the people but the money they can spend on them for different purposes. By the way, you will also get the tax deduction as the same you will have from the Army Salvation.

3. Furniture Bank

Now it is pressing need to donate your mattress to the future bank of Syrian refugees. The worst people could be cruel to bombarded on them but you can at least give your mattress to that furniture bank and be a silent volunteer of it.

Apart from that, you will have a lot of furniture banks even in your local areas they truly help the vulnerable people or people who have faced a disastrous situation. Again, we will remind you about the condition of your mattress. The best mattress will put the best smile on their faces. However, any bad conditioned mattress could be still possible to donate but you just need to knock them and let them know your will.

4. Local shelters or charities

Your neighbors have the right to receive your donation and there is no way to escape from your helpless neighbors. Also, you can also build a tie with them and for that, you may find many local shelters groups so you can go straight to them to meet them and join the team. Afterward, you will be the happiest doner ever in your area. However, if you don’t find so, you can make a charity on your own, informing other possible donors nearby you.

5. Social media charity group

The social media could be the last one in our list but still, it is somewhat the easiest way to donate your mattress right now. However, we can’t give you the information to which social media group you can donate as there would be countless facebook pages, groups, and other social channels. All you need to do is to find out the nearest and trustworthy group of people, who are doing great in mattress donating. This would be fun to donate as you will come to know a lot of people. By the way, who knows your next girlfriend is in that group? Well, this is just a sarcastic example but to be honest, it would be not about donating but also you are going to find some people who think just like you and want to help just like you.

Final words

Donating a mattress means you are helping someone and make them happy. So, you can put a smile on that person from this donation. But before donating your mattress one last thing you need to consider that is you should have a mattress that doesn’t have any potential contamination. For that, many mattresses donor agencies check out the possible threat like whether your mattress is contaminated by any harmful threats or not. By the way, now we believe, you come to know the 5 easiest ways where to donate a mattress, so make a decision now.

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