How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?[Let’s See]

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Newborns love sleeping on a cozy surface. Many parents prefer a bassinet for their bundle of joy since it is a great place for the babies. But the most asking question by the parents is – how long should my baby sleep in a bassinet?

Usually, after birth, a baby can sleep in a bassinet for three to four months or until he can roll over or sit up.How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet

Some factors tell how long a baby can sleep in the bassinet. This guide will share everything about this and when it’s time to move your baby to a crib. So let’s drive in the discussion…

How Long Can a Baby Sleep In a Bassinet?

In the first year, babies seem to change very fast so you need to move your baby from the bassinet to a crib. Your babies’ safety, comfort, weight or if your baby can sit up – consider these points. Below are the details of these factors.

Baby Weight

A bassinet is a surface where some of the babies start sleeping from birth. For the newborns, this is a perfect place yet the bassinets have recommended the weight level of the baby.

Read your baby bassinets instructions manual or website properly, from there you will find the weight limit of the bassinet. Some bassinet recommends baby weight 10lbs where some provide 20lbs weight. If your baby becomes 20lbs then this is the time to move him.

Safety of your baby

Safety is always the first thing to consider, and when it comes to your baby, you should be more careful. If you have bought the best bassinet, it’s sidewalls should be high enough to protect your baby. If the walls are not high enough then switch your baby to a crib soon. There are chances of accidents happening if the sidewalls are not tall. And it is risky to let him sleep in the bassinet.

Can your baby roll over/ sit up?

It is a matter of celebration when you find out your baby starts rolling over or sit up. Though it is a milestone for parents, it could be dangerous for the babies. Compared to cribs, bassinets are shallower and when your baby sits up, he can flip himself out of the bassinet.

How Long Can A Baby Sleep In A Bassinet

And in the middle of the night, if your baby is trying to crawl outside of the bassinet, it could be very dangerous. In view of this, you can consider getting a crib for your toddler soon.


Don’t forget your baby’s comfortable sleep – this also helps to determine how long your baby can sleep in the bassinet. The bassinet should be made of soft material, also, able to give the best sleeping environment.

If your baby feels discomfort in the bassinet then it would hamper his sleeping, also, it would be a hassle for you. So it is better to transfer him to a bigger surface which means the baby needs a crib.

Your baby is too large

As we mentioned above, a baby grows fast in the first year. Comparing the time when your baby was a newborn, now your baby’s arms or legs no longer fit properly in the bassinet. This creates a big discomfort to the baby to take a zizz, as well as, it troubles the baby to move around.

When your baby’s arms or legs get stuck in the bassinet grills, it means the time is over for the baby to sleep in the bassinet.

Meanwhile,  you see your baby gain weight, or become large to fit in the bassinet, or start learning roll over / sit up – remember, these are the signs and saying your baby required a bigger surface to sleep on.

I hope, by this, you got answer your question. Read them again and check if any match with your baby, then move your baby from the bassinet to avoid unwanted accidents. The following I’m going to share how you can make it easier to transit your baby to a crib.

Transition Your Baby from Bassinet to Crib

For most parents, it is a bigger decision when it comes to transitioning the baby from the bassinet to a crib. But you need to do this for the safety of your baby and comfortable sleep. To make the moving process easier, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow –

Keep the crib in your room

After switching your baby to the crib, you can keep the crib in the same room you are sleeping. It makes the transition easier for you. Do this for a few days or weeks, once your baby starts learning to sleep on the bigger surface, you can move the crib in your baby’s room or the place you decide.

How long should my baby be in a bassinet

Provide more comfort

Make sure the crib is comfortable enough to sleep on for your baby. You can add some soft yet little dolls to the crib or you can add a dim light. You can play white noise, this will help your baby fall asleep quickly.

Create a regular bedtime

A regular bedtime is very important for both adults and kids. When you create a bedtime (also, bath, foods, and story time), the circadian cycle of the baby will say when it’s time for sleep. If you haven’t picked the right time, then you should.

Have some patience

Everything needs a little time to adjust to a new environment and your baby is no exception. So have some patience and give your little one time to adjust to his new sleeping area.


There are no hard and fast rules on how long your baby can sleep in the bassinet. Four months is considered the ideal age for switching the baby from the bassinet. Keep in mind, every baby is not the same, you should observe your baby properly. Follow the above tips and then move your baby to a larger surface.

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