How to Fix a Sagging Mattress with Plywood? Step by Step Guide

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How To Fix A Sagging Mattress With PlywoodWhen a mattress becomes old, there seems many sagging in it in different places. As a result, in many places, the mattress gets sinks.

A sagging mattress does not get you comfortable while sleeping. Many problems arise, including a headache, back pain, etc.

At that time, many people think of changing their mattresses and buying a new ones. But what if you can make your sagging mattress works like a new one? Yes, you can do it with plywood.

So follow our instructions without getting any tension when you get the sagging or sinking problem in the mattress.

If you repair your mattress with plywood, it will be as comfortable as before, and there will be no sinks. You can use it as a new mattress. Today’s tutorial is for those who are suffering from sagging on the mattress.

Basically, we are going to provide step-by-step guidelines on how to fix sagging with plywood. You can fix sagging yourself after reading our guidelines. So let us start the original discussion without delaying any time here.

Why mattress gets sags

Before we look for a solution, we need to know why the mattress gets sags. Basically, we often sleep in a specific place on the mattress. As a result, the place becomes sagging. There are also some more reasons for the sagging. Continue reading to find all the reasons.

Poor quality mattress

If you have bought a cheap mattress to save money, then it could be a reason. Some companies sell low-quality mattresses. These poor-quality mattresses get sag easily. That is because the fabric and foam are of very low quality; they cannot last for a long time.

The spring box becomes damaged.

One of the main reasons for sagging the mattress is damaging the spring box. Basically, if the old spring box is used, it quickly becomes damaged. So the spring box should be sophisticated.How to Fix a Sagging Mattress

The durability of the mattress mostly depends on the spring box. It is better to check regularly whether the spring box is alright or not. If there is any problem, it requires repair.

If you see any damage in the spring box, you can repair it with plywood. We will write more details in the right place on how to do this.

Not well maintained

Not only mattresses but everything becomes useless if it is not well maintained. One of the major reasons for the sagging mattress is lack of maintenance.

It is necessary to check the sink level regularly and turn it around. Where the sinks are seen, they cannot be used anymore. So to avoid sagging, regular maintenance is necessary. For that, there will be no sagging, and the mattress’s life expectancy will also increase.

You may also read about how to clean your mattress.

Sleep in the same place repeatedly.

Another big reason for sagging mattresses is to use the same place repeatedly. If you sleep in a particular place on the mattress every day, that place is bound to sink.Nice cozy bed with mattress

The spring becomes problematic when the spring gets more loads. Then the top foam will be sagging without any reason. The place that is used every day will get a hole in the shape of the human.

That is why you feel discomfort on the mattress every day. To avoid this problem, sleep in different places.

How to fix a sagging mattress with plywood

There are many ways to fix the sagging mattress. Among those, the most effective way is to fix them with plywood. This way, your mattress will remove all the sagging and become new. No one will have any idea that your mattress is very old. Now let us show the ways to fix the sagging with the plywood step by step.

Step 1: Fix the mattress type.

To repair a sagging mattress with plywood, you must first fix the mattress type. Because though the plywood works in most of the mattresses, it does not work in some models. So first, make sure your mattress is repairable with plywood. You cannot do a sagging repair with plywood in these three types of mattresses: innerspring, waterbed, and air mattresses.

Step 2: Measure the depth of the sags.

If your mattress is repairable with plywood, then it is necessary to determine the depth of the sags. You can easily measure it with the ribbon. Then it needs to select the plywood according to the depth of the sags.

Step 3: Cut the plywood and place it in the spring box.

Once the measurement is taken, you need to cut the plywood according to size. It is better to use the saw to cut the plywood. But at the time of cutting, you need to cut it, keeping the dimension slightly reduced compared to the dimension of the main mattress otherwise, it would not fit properly.

After cutting the wood in an inch, put that piece in-between the mattress and the spring. Your sagging will be eliminated totally. And if the sagging is in the slat base bed, then the plywood will be placed in another way.

In this case, lay the plywood sheet on the bed frame slats and then put the mattress on top. This can support the mattress from beneath and protect it from sagging.

How to fix the plywood if the sagging is due to frequent use?

If your mattress is sagging due to frequent use, then there is no permanent solution. Temporarily, you can place the plywood under the lying surface. You have to spread the plywood on the soft spot of the mattress after cutting according to the sagging area size.

Due to the plywood, the mattress’s thickness will increase and be equal. Then, as a temporary solution, the sagging will be removed.

Everyone uses the mattress to sleep comfortably. But if there is sagging on the mattress, comfort does not exist. Rather this sagging spot is harmful to the body in various ways.

So, if there is any sagging on the mattress, it needs to be repaired with plywood. This is because the plywood is very effective in fixing sagging. So leave the sagging from the mattress with plywood today and sleep with comfort.

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