Why Shoulder Pain From Sleeping on Side? Top 7 Reason

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So you are feeling pain in your shoulder after getting up from a quick nap or in the morning and it stays for a long time? As a side effect of this pain, you are feeling irritated and works are hampering on a daily basis!Why Shoulder Pain From Sleeping on Side

You are probably wondering and searching for an answer now. Why my shoulder pain from sleeping on the side? The most probable answer to your suffering is sleeping position. Keep on reading the article to find out how sleeping position and other factors affect your sleeping and health and shoulder pain.

Causes of Shoulder Pain From Sleeping on Side, It’s Effects, and Solution

There are several causes of shoulder pain. The causes are your sleeping position, rotator cuff, shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, fracture, operation on the shoulder, etc.

Shoulder Pain for the Wrong Style of Sleeping

Like everyone, you have your own style of sleeping at night. You do sleep giving pressure on your chest placing your hands beside your pillow or giving pressure on the shoulder when you are on the left or right side of the bed. Even you may also sleep without a pillow. As a result, intolerable shoulder pain causes in your shoulder.

Rotator Cuff

Are you feeling pain in the joint where muscles and shoulder meets? If it is yes, then it is called rotator cuff pain. This happens when you are doing heavy work like moving a heavyweight thing from one place to another. It gives pressure in the joint which causes pain. Even If you are playing baseball or cricket then you need much pressure to play. When you are shifting your bat from right to left or left to right or lifting your bat over your head then pressure is created in the joint of both sides.

Operation on the shoulder

If you ever go under the knife and scissor of a doctor and the definite area is not yet dry. In this situation, you are going to do manual work or your sleeping position causes shoulder pain.


Fracture is also another reason for shoulder pain. While playing or for some other reasons you get your shoulder’s bone broken. You are treated and recover after some days. But you can’t easily move like before. Breaking your shoulder’s bone causes pain.


Sometimes you notice your shoulder become red, feel pain when you move your shoulder, or give pressure on the specific area. Why? The reason is bursitis pain that is created when bursae are destroyed. It is one kind of liquid cell that covers your muscles to make tissues softer. When it is destroyed pain creates.

Why Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On Side mattress

Frozen shoulder

You definitely know the meaning of freeze. When you can not move your hands like before, you have to lessen spreading your hands up due to feeling pain in your shoulder. In some areas, the tissues become thickened and rigid so that it is impossible for you to move your hands. The pain lessens and feels better when you give your arms rest. Because of this frozen shoulder happens. The reason for happening is uncertain. But people who are having diabetes badly in danger of frozen shoulder. People who have recovered after the operation are not out of danger of a frozen shoulder.


Osteoarthritis is another reason for your shoulder pain. It is related to your age. As you are growing old the cartilage which is found in the circle covering the muscles everywhere in the body becomes weak so that you feel pain in your shoulder. It breaks your night’s sleep. When it happens, you can not move your arms to the highest point. You feel pain while moving your arms. Due to osteoarthritis, the area becomes rigid and you will hear cracking sounds while moving the shoulder.

Remedy for Shoulder Pain From Sleeping on the Side

Every problem has its own solution. Solutions are-

  • For the wrong style of sleeping, you can change your sleeping position. You can use a supportive pillow to give your shoulder rest. You also can rest your injured shoulder by changing your position where you usually do sleep. You may also want to read What Are The Best Pressure Points For Sleep?
  • For rotator cuff, you can use ice, massage, rest, or can visit the doctor for surgery, injection.
  • Medicine, therapy, injections are needed for bursitis.
  •  For a frozen shoulder, you can try physical exercise or take a warm bath for at least 15 minutes.

Why Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On Side? See If Any Of These 7 Reason Relates To You

Best Mattresses for Shoulder Pain or Side Sleeping

After knowing these remedies if you still searching for alternative solutions? Answers you can always find it here. Besides these solutions, changing your mattress is also another solution. You can change your mattress to get rid of your shoulder pain.

Now if you are asking yourself which mattresses are best for your sleeping position? We can suggest some mattresses to help you decide. List of mattresses are given below-

Amore mattress is the best option for people who are suffering from side sleeping. It is made of hypoallergenic cotton fabric so that it is soft, long-lasting and you can feel comfortable while sleeping on the mattress. People buy it for their having been suffering from shoulder pain or side sleeping.

Level Sleep Mattress

It is ideal for people suffering from shoulder pain. It is designed in such a way that the three portions so that it helps to reduce pressure on shoulders and gives you comfort in sleeping. Its design is clinically tested. People buy it as they can be free from pain and also for its quality.

Dream Cloud Mattress

It is for side sleepers, for people having shoulder pain. It is made of several layers of foam. It is around $1000-$1200. You can take it trail for a year. You can get a warranty from the company when you buy it.

What are the Exercises for Shoulder Pain?

You can solve your back pain by doing some exercises at home. It is a simple and homely solution so that you do not have to visit a doctor.  Some homely exercises are given below-

Pendulum Exercise

You can do exercise by doing a pendulum exercise. To do that hang your affected arm and try to make a circle by moving the hand back and front. You have to do it 2-3 times a day to get a better result.

Shoulder Stretch

You can relieve your shoulder pain by doing shoulder stretch exercises. Move your both shoulders raise and try to meet the shoulder blades for five seconds while you are standing. Then release your arms and wait for another time. Do it 10 times.

Door Lean

To do this, place your hands up your head on the doorway wall and release your body to the front and be steady for 30 seconds. By doing so you will feel a stretch in front of your shoulder. For getting a better result you have to repeat it 3 times.

I hope this will help you to find solutions to your problem. If you are still having shoulder pain and if it is severe then you must talk with your doctor before taking any action.

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