Compare Top 6 Best Latex Mattresses and Choose the One You Need

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Want to buy a mattress that lasts for years after years? This is why you are ready to spend a lot. For many years, the latex mattress seemed to be a luxury mattress for most of the customers. However, now it has become one of the affordable choices. This is because of the large scale availability of online mattress retailers.

The increasing number of selling, motivates the company to churn out more and more high-quality mattresses. Now they are producing the best latex mattress from naturally sourced rubber trees and have an advanced Dunlop manufacturing process.

Comparision of Top 6 Latex Mattresses in 2019

Mattress Brand Size Comfort Best For Warranty Price
Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - Medium Firmness - Queen 8-Inch Medium Firm Stomach Sleepers Check Warranty Check Price
LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress 10-Inch Medium Firm Back and Stomach Sleepers
Best Choice for Guest Room
Check Warranty Check Price
Elements Latex by Dreamfoam Bedding- Magnolia 10" 10-Inch - Firm - Medium Firm - Soft You Can Adjust Firmness Good for All Position Sleepers Check Warranty Check Price
LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Mattress 16-Inch Firm Side and Back Sleepers
Not Recommended for Stomach Sleepers
Check Warranty Check Price
Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Hybrid Queen Mattress 8-Inch Firm Good for All Position Sleepers Check Warranty Check Price
SPINDLE Natural Latex Mattress. 10" 10-Inch - Firm - Medium Firm Firm – Stomach sleepers, also good for Side and Back sleepers
Medium Firm – Side sleepers and back sleepers
Check Warranty Check Price

How to Find the Best Latex Mattress?

The best place for peace and relaxation is your bed, and the best part of your bed is your mattress. Besides, your mattress accompanies you more than one-fourth of the whole day.

For your good night’s sleep and the refreshing morning which things to consider? Do you need to spend a lot or you can get it in an affordable one? Hopefully, you will find the answers after reading between the lines following the article.

Why do you need a new mattress: Why do you need a new mattress is it wear down or does it have any issues? You need to sort out it first and while buying a new one make sure that the new one can compensate for the lacking.

Ask for a free trial: You can not judge a mattress if you don’t have a hundred days of free-trial. Even if you are the master at buying a mattress, you may find something wrong during the free trial. Ensure the free trial to avoid this.

Firmness: The most crucial feature to judge is firmness. How firm your mattress should actually depend on two things: the first one is your weight and the second one is how many sleepers will board on it. The firmness type is variable on side sleepers, combo sleepers, and single sleepers.

Size: The size of a mattress relies on the shape of your bed. If you feel confined with narrow bed then a queen size mattress for double bed would be a great choice. Hence, you can have some extra space. On the flip side, a narrow sized mattress is also available in the market.

Test the mattress: Even if you choose the mattress that has the proper firmness, size and affordable, you need to test it practically. Lie down on the mattress and judge by yourself.

Affordable budget: Try to stick to a reasonable budget and stick to it. Don’t think the more you spend, the better the mattress you can buy. You can eventually buy the best mattress within your budget. 

Comfort and softness: The softer choice of mattress may have comfort, but not healthy for you at all. So it is hard to adjust between the comfort feeling and the softness of your mattress. Never fall in the trap of softer mattress, as too much soft mattress harmful for your spine and back. Hence, you need to ensure the proper softness.

Top 6 Latex Mattress Reviews

Buying a latex mattress is affordable at the same it is ensuring a wide range of high-quality choices. As it is not easy to find out which mattress suitable for you. we are going to show you some of the best latex mattress reviews. At the end of the sentence, you can make a worthy decision.

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  1. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Medium Firmness – Queen

Pure green latex mattressIf you are looking for a natural mattress then you come to the right place. We know to avoid any synthetic mattress is the smartest decision that you made. Therefore, we feel the urgency to give you a review on that.

Normally, synthetic mattresses are unhealthy since it is unnatural. On the flip side, the Latex is 100% natural mattress and avoids every option that leads to the toxicity. Besides, Latex mattress comes from a Chicago company that has great sewing and assembling benefits.

It is made of the Dunlop latex method so that it is not as springy as the Talalay Latex. Hence, it can offer more durability. Most of the users find it as supportive and soft as it is effective for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. On the other hand, people who are having trouble with back and neck pain find relief after using it.

Depending on these benefits, the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is worthy of your next mattress while you are in a limited budget. Because it is considerably inexpensive compared with the other Latex mattresses. This is why we put this in the best latex mattress review.

Highlighted features

  • It offers 100% Natural Latex Foam excluding synthetic Latex Foam, Poly Foam, and Blended Latex Foam.
  • Quilted cover comes from 100% organic New Zealand wool as a natural fire-resistant
  • It offers medium firmness and adjustable with different sleep preferences
  • It has accreditation from GREENGUARD Gold by UL for having no fire retardant chemicals or any cloth barrier
  • It saves your time as assembling is not required and you can easily place them unrolling the plastic wrap

If you have preferences to have your topper only come from wool and cotton then you will keep it in the first place. Because it is not only come in organic form but also it is the best place from Newzealand cotton farm. The firmness is medium so the average sleepers can use it with any sleeping preferences.

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  1. LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid MattressAre you looking for an affordable mattress for the guest room, college students and kids? Then you can have a look at  LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress.

Linespa is a budget-oriented mattress and best alternative too. Thus, It is a great competitor in terms of Tuft & Needle mattresses. So if you won’t spend a lot at the same time want a right medium-firm hybrid mattress then don’t look further to buy it. The stomach sleepers find it accurate according to the firmness. So now you need not hover around to get your desired mattress.

It lasts for years after years and far more durable than other synthetic mattresses. Therefore, Linespa offers 10 years of warranty. Thus, a lot of manufacturers defeated under this feature. So with Linenspa you can beat the time.

Highlighted Feature

  • It has four layers of foam and every layer performs neither less nor overly firm.
  • Cooling features let the air to travel into the coils and make the temperature neutral.
  • Multiple layers get support from high-grade steel coils eventually, it can reduce the motion transfer
  • It will come to the consumer doorstep easily with the help of plastic wrapping and then rolled up in a cardboard box.
  • You can make sure whether it is for your ease or not within 100 nights free trial.

Buying a mattress which has multiple supportive layers won’t be your waste of money. Moreover, in every layer, the air supply would be just accurate and thus it can reduce the motion transfer. Finally, you are getting the hundred nights trial, so what’s more?

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  1. Elements Latex by Dreamfoam Bedding- Magnolia 10

Elements Latex by Dreamfoam Bedding- Magnolia 10Elements Latex by Dreamfoam Bedding comes from the magnolia brand which is 10″ medium-firm mattress. The mattress is made of 100% organic wool and the topper layer is supportive for the pressure point. The magnolia brand is popular for the natural mattress all over the USA as they can provide guaranteed latex.

The quilted cover confirms the ultra-plush and thus it paves the better breathability.  The upper layer delivers amazing quality with the Talalay latex, therefore, the muscle gets relieved. Day by day using you can get good feedback and if you can get the adjustable firmness then you will have ease the pressure point around your neck, back and spine.

The Talalay latex is specialized in providing better air supply within the tiny holes. For the proper air supply, the body will not be overheated at winter also, get proper coolness in summer.

Highlighted Feature:

  • The main feature is the Talalay Latex layer that makes a mattress denser, firmer with the compression support
  • Customized mattress with natural substances and so the quilted cover made of Jomma wool
  • Versatile experience with firmness, as it offers soft, medium and plush mattress
  • It has an ultra-plush and breathable sleeping surface along with Euro Top zipper enclosure
  • It is Oeko-Tex certified and offers 10 years challenge warranty

If you are looking for the organic material in your topper at the same time conscious with the breathability with better compression support then you come to the right place. Elements topper is from the reputed magnolia brand who is churning out the bedding products keeping the 100% organic materials. Thus it gets the prestigious accreditation from Oeko tex.

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  1. LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Mattress

LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex MattressBuying a mattress having many features at the same time at an affordable price is not that easy. If you find such mattress then the company did something great work to make it as the best latex mattress available in the market in 2019.

This LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam mattress is one of that type. Normally, any mattress made with natural substances is a bit expensive compared with the hybrid or synthetic mattress.

So to buy them under the budget constraints is the biggest hurdle. Fortunately, not for this one. The padding cover of this mattress made of bamboo which helps to improve the cooling activity. The charcoal ace the budget by eliminating the expense of buyers.

Secondly, it is not made of cotton rather it is made of Tencel, a special type of wood pulp. Therefore, it is also a natural substance like cotton. However, it is not as expensive material like cotton. The Eco-friendly Tencel blend cover and bamboo padding cover both make it affordable.

Highlighted Feature

  • It has an amazing combination of Latex and memory foam layers which is supportive to the maximum sleepers
  • It is made of bamboo charcoal memory foam so that the mattress becomes firm
  • 16-inch layer makes it plush and thicker
  • The tiny holes generate more airflow for the open cell technology
  • Easy to set up and the mattress boxed in an accurate manner

The main reason to buy it is for the plush feature which is adjustable with your body impressions. And, secondly, it is affordable for the bamboo charcoal memory foam at the same time it makes it firm. Finally, having the open cell technology gives you the cause to buy it as you can feel cooler, better and comfy.

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  1. Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Hybrid Queen Mattress

Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Hybrid Queen MattressThe Sun Rising Bedding 8-inch Natural Latex Mattress comes with the natural build quality at the same time it is affordable. It would be an ultimate option whenever you are looking for a natural latex spring mattress.

The queen size mattress can relieve your back and neck pain as it has an ideal feature of an 8-inch hybrid latex mattress and the firmness is nearly plush but not plush. The firmness measurement comes out as seven out of ten. If you think that it is too firm then you can have the option to add 2 or 3 inches of the topper.

It is particularly adjustable for stomach and side sleepers and that is an absolute win. Besides, If you have a kid who sleeps with you then both of you will benefit from it as it is good for spine alignment. With sunrise bedding, you can avoid mattress sagging on edges because coils are made of high carbon steel.

Highlighted feature

  • Talalay latex layer is free from any flame retardant also, it is responsive, so user get relief from pressure points
  • Latex ingredients come from Thailand’s rubber tree bears so it is 100% natural latex
  • Encased innerspring coils are separately wrapped within the fiber, as a result, cancel out any noise
  • Offer 120 nights of free trial with 20 years of warranty
  • This coil hybrid mattress increases the airflow and provides adequate air supply.

Want a flame retardant mattress which is rare in all mattresses? Then you set your feet in the right place. Apart from this, you will get a proper bouncy mattress for the hybrid extra strong steel coil.

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  1. SPINDLE Natural Latex Mattress. 10

SPINDLE Natural Latex Mattress. 10SPINDLE Natural Latex Mattress is for those who are looking for made in the USA at the same time natural mattress. The company applies a great trick that they bring all to raw materials from the suppliers so they can cut a good amount of cost. Therefore, it affects the final price to you so now you can have it at an affordable price.

Normally, many types of mattresses may have a lot of features. But spindle mattress focus on the latex substance that is natural at the same time the wool and cotton comes from a natural source.

They did a lot of focus to keep the accuracy of Latex mattresses and thus using a rubber sheet that is unlike traditional mattresses. So you can find it perfectly stiff and can see it holding a rectangular shape. Moreover, it takes shape what you will put underneath of it.

Highlighted Feature

  • It is an affordable natural mattress and with it, you can save up to $1000 leave option to buy the same type of mattress.
  • It has a reputation to be a USA manufacturer at the same time certification for being a Latex mattress.
  • Dunlop Latex comes with a more eco-friendly, denser, firm and thus longer lasting for years.
  • Available in two forms in regards to the firmness (medium-firm & extra firm)

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Final thoughts

Whenever you are going to buy a mattress there is a reason behind it. You are probably suffering from having a wrong mattress that doesn’t support you. Again budget limitation and quality assurance both go to the opposite direction.

To pull the trigger on the right budget ensuring your budget, you need to find the better and reasonable mattress, that Latex mattress. Also, it is hard to find out one mattress out of many. So for your ease, we have shown above the best latex mattress reviews so that you can find yours.

From our side, we will recommend you with Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Hybrid Queen Mattress while you are in a good budget. On the flip side, the most affordable would be SPINDLE Natural Latex Mattress. 10.

What Benefits Does Latex Mattress Offer?

So we have already shown you the best Latex mattress out there for retail sales online. Most of it can serve its purpose to you. However, you need to make sure the firmness is for you or not. To ensure it, you can see the type of mattress inches, for example, the more inches the firmer it will be. The medium firm is for the maximum consumers. On the other hand, we have introduced a plush mattress here with you.

If you have already read between the lines of this feature, you may have experienced that the features are pretty common with one another, excluding a few of them. Depending on that feature, let’s describe and shed some more information on you.

Eco-friendly material makes it healthy to use:

Unlike synthetic or traditional mattresses, Latex mattress comes with natural components. So it doesn’t have any chemical retardant, at the same time, some of them have a fire barrier too. A common but worthy question before buying any mattress. In short, latex mattresses should be in your preference due to its natural components at the same time it is affordable.

Most of the latex mattresses are either Talalay Latex or Dunlop Latex. Both of it 100% natural and effective. The innerspring coil supports a lot in each and every mattress so you can’t find sagging or sinking issues.

Learn How to Fix A Sagging Mattress With Plywood?

Natural latex is mold, dust, mildew, and mite resistant whereas other mattresses won’t help you out in this manner. Some of the mattresses are odorless and some of them have an earthy odor that is soothable. When the chemical mattress has an adverse odor and thus many sleepers avoid it, hence the latex mattress is the best choice for them.

When it comes to the quilted cover and padding of the outer layer of a mattress you will find 100% organic material. The wool and cotton come from the natural way from the best places. New Zealand or Eastern Pennsylvania areas, where the best wool and cotton are found. On the flip side, some mattresses use wood pulp instead of wool or cotton and reduce the mattress price dramatically.

Quality components help to improve the sleeping experience

Latex infused with high-grade steel coil that lasts for years and helps to improve your overall sleeping experience. The padding cover is quilted form and most of them are from natural wool and cotton and the rest of it is from wood pulp. The wooden pulp and bamboo padding provide the same quality and the affordable price is a plus.

Moreover, Latex offers motion isolation so when you sleep with your partners then it won’t bother your movement to them. Thus, this feature makes it great for the coupled user or family bedding.

When it comes to sleeping preferences then it is hard to find any versatile mattress. In that case, Latex is more versatile compared to the traditional mattress. However, a person with excessive weight recommended using a plush mattress which is extra firm. We also describe one of it which is a plush mattress.

Suitable for all types of sleeping preferences

Normally, side sleepers require a mattress which tends to have a good spine alignment. Most of the latex mattress specially offer 8 to 12 inches of mattress types, and they are good for them since it is medium firm.

On the contrary, the stomach sleepers should go with a medium to extra firm mattress, and the latex mattress has it too. So you can see Latex mattress is pretty adjustable for all types of sleeping preferences eventually, capable of improving your good night sleep. Finally, the back sleepers are good to go for the maximum mattress as they are ideal sleepers so does the same with Latex.

Frequently Asked Questions about Latex Mattress

Question: What are the benefits of a latex mattress? Is a latex mattress good?

Answer: The eco-friendliness, suitable for all sleeping preferences, and supportive regards to pressure point are the main benefits of it. Depending on it, we can assure you it good to go while buying a new mattress.

Question: Which is better memory foam or latex mattress?

Answer: First of all, memory foam mattresses come with the chemical retardants whereas the Latex mattresses are 100% natural.

Secondly, a latex mattress is more responsive and when you press the mattress harder it will bounce back more compared with the memory foam.

So, we believe that the Latex mattress is the better one.

Question: How do you maintain a latex mattress? Do latex mattresses smell?

Answer: The latex mattresses are easy to maintain but here are a few tips to maintain it:

  • Keep your mattress cover clean regularly or use any removable one
  • Flip your mattress after a few months later
  • Clean the gentle spot properly
  • Don’t expose it under the sun

Normally Latex mattress is odorless as it is made of natural substance, however, some of them have an earthy odor that is soothable.

Question: Do latex mattresses sag? How do you fix a sagging latex mattress? Do you flip a latex mattress?

Answer: Yes, it is. Latex mattress normally doesn’t face this issue as the same it happens for the memory foam mattress. But after years of using, without flipping 180 degrees the problem would be pretty common.

More specifically, the sagging problem appears while you are sleeping in the same place. Your weight constantly creates pressure on it so the saggings issue appear.

Yes, due to this reason I flip my Latex mattress.

Question: How long does a latex mattress last? What is the lifespan of a latex mattress?

Answer: A latex mattress is durable and it lasts for 7 to 10 years. Some quality mattress even lasts more than that while you will focus on taking care too.

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